Flying with the Pod

Has anyone had any issues when flying On an Airplane) wearing the pod?
Security questions - do they give you a hard time?
I am flying on Friday for the first time with the pod on - and was just wondering.

They didn’t give me any trouble at all I’ve flown from boston to dallas and back, and then portland, me to chicago o’hare to dallas and back the same route. I forgot to pull my insulin out and he asked if I had any liquids and I told him insulin and he just let my bag go through with it in the bag still. They didn’t even notice pods, but I usually tell them I’m wearing an insulin pump. Hope your trip goes well!

Oh i also made sure to put the pod on my arm in case they did ask to see it. Since that’s an easier spot to show than your legs/stomach/back!

You should always carry a note from your physician explaining your medical needs and required medical supplies. They probably have a form letter that you could pick up. I made a few copies of mine that I keep with my passport.

I’ve only gone flying twice… and I was able to walk through security without a problem. One way, I got searched, because i was wearing a baggy sweater (lol)… so I just warned the person that I was wearing an insulin pump on my back. But… besides that, there were absolutely no problems.

Same here. I even traveled internationally last November without any issues whatsoever.
I did have a Dr. note, just in case - that is always good advice.

No problem for me. I’ve flown a few times since I got mine with no issues…

I just got back from Ireland and didn’t have any issues. When I went through security in Dallas I forgot that I had some coins on me and set off the security, I thought it was the pod. They were very friendly and the lady at security was very interested in the Omnipod. She asked me all kinds of questions and was very nice. After that I made sure I had no coins and jewlery on and the pod didn’t set off the security alarms.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.