Follow-up resources from The Betes Org interview

Hey everyone!

In the interview yesterday about The Betes Org (you guys were amazing, thank you for it!), I mentioned a couple of things that I wanted to follow-up on and share with all of you:

1. The Spoon Theory

I said this was written by Carly. It is written by Christine Miserandino.
I apologize.
I think this is a very apt metaphor for chronic illness and I recommend for everyone to read it.

2. The Devil is in the Third Year: A Longitudinal Study of Erosion of Empathy in Medical School
This is an in-depth study about the decrease of empathy in Med school. Fascinating read.

if there was anything else that I missed, please just let me know!

Looking forward to the Make Your Own Betes workshop with all of you.

with love grace and magical capes,

Thank you! I really enjoyed the interview yesterday! I loved your presentation and your passion for what you are doing. You are on to something very original and interesting! Anxious to know more......

Wishing you great success!

I also really enjoyed it. loved the play aspect, the magical thinking, and making art. We've been a part of some great artistic initiatives here, and they've all been special to me:

Word in Your Hand
No Sugar Added Poetry
Diabetes Supplies Art
Diabetes Art Day
Postcard Exchange

I just know the betes is going to be a project that will soar with his magical cape flying high! can't wait to see more.

please read the Spoon Theory link there.

I look forward to the video becoming available! Also, let's also remember our Poetry Group, which is active all year:

Sorry I missed the interview. Yes, the spoon theory is very apt indeed. Not having the same choices that healthy people have is exactly how poor health has shaped my life on and off over the years, and unless you have a chronic illness that places limits on your life, people don’t really get it.

*For those active, marathon running diabetics, my own personal chronic health issues did not include diabetes in the past, that’s a new challenge!

I really liked your event! Afterwards, I made my own betes! ;)

Thank you so much Mari. We hope to be able to bring our work to you, soon. Please stay in touch.

Healthcare is a Human Story

artists, unite! :+) Wonderful. Yes, I have the No Sugar Added Poetry book! Adore it.

Healthcare is a Human Story

Thank you Anna-Kate! and oh thats wonderful!! Would you want to take a photo and share it here?? We want to build a visual library of the many 'Betes!!

Healthcare is a Human Story