Follow Up

So I don’t have mono and my white blood cells are back at a normal level. My lab work from last month had shown a pretty low white count so that was making me nervous; more than the mono.
The internet is a dangerous thing! I started researching low blood cell counts and mono symptoms and of course I get some really scary things.
Since everything was normal, my doc thinks that I got a cold virus or something similar right as I was fighting off something else, so it took up residence in my throat. Now its just a really really bad post nasal drip. My throat is still bright red, but my lymph nodes are slowly shrinking. Now I’m trying to kick the butt of this virus. I went to the gym on Thursday and mostly did strength training and a bit of cardio. I could feel that I’m definitely not at the top of my game. Yesterday I went for a run and was very tired from it.
Last night, we went to the Boston fireworks down by the Charles. After seeing 4 busses and T trains packed to the brim, we decided ot walk home. I could feel that, sadly. I definitely have to get back in shape and fight this stupid virus.

Gee, sorry that you haven’t been feeling well. If you want to kick the viruses butt then I’d suggest that you drink plenty of fluids and get some rest whenever you can. Feel Better! :slight_smile: