Following a DexCom

Question about following a DexCom: does anyone know if the person following the CGM will also be alerted of a low? I live alone, and trying to come up with a good solution for alerting someone in the case of a night time low. I recently had a bad low that resulted in a seizure (which happens very rarely, but it does happen) and I was not able to do anything to help myself for quite a while until I regained enough clarity and it was physically over. Also, what usually ends up happening on a day to day basis, is that I let my numbers go pretty high before bed, just to avoid those types of situations, which is not a good thing either. I really need to come with a good solution, and hoping to gain some ideas from everyone’s experience.

they will be alerted of a low, hope this helps,.

I’m using the Dexcom G4 Share system. I just went on the Follow and Share apps to see what I could learn about your Follow question. The Sharer must invite the Follower. It’s done via email.

The Sharer, during the Follow invitation is asked a few questions to determine the whether and at what blood glucose levels the Follower will be notified. The first parameter is whether the follower will just see a specific number or the entire trend graph.

Then the Sharer can decide whether the Follower will receive a notification for a low level defined by the Sharer. The Sharer could pick 65, 70, 75. 80, or higher. The system has a built in urgent low notification that is set to 55 mg/dl. The Sharer can turn this notification on or off. The same set up for high notifications. The Sharer also has the choice to turn off all data notifications to the Follower.

Essentially the Sharer controls all the settings for notifications that the Follower receives. I have not used this in the real world so I have no other feedback to give. I think it will require patience, some education, and good communication to make it work.

Good luck. You could look at the user guide for this software at for more detail.

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Thank you, very helpful information! I don’t currently have a CGM at all. But the more I look into the Dexcom Share system, the more I think it would a very useful tool. Now, the next phase or research will be whether or not my insurance will cover it, and if so, how much?

If the person you are sharing to has Android, you can also use “Nightwatch”. I currently have both Nightwatch and Dexcom follow–but find that Nightwatch has more customization. I like being able to set several low alarms with different tones. I have found that Dexcom follow is about a minute faster in updating a new reading–however.

No doubt. Dexcom is life-changing. Definitely worth looking into.

i love my Dexcom.

I follow my self on my dexcom G4 Share on my Iphone. Some people might ask why I might do such a thing. But the facts are this: I find that the dexcom is not loud enough to wake me. However; I can crank my apple Iphone up much louder. I also have it following on my wife’s phone for sugar drops below 55. This way both nightstands start going off.

You might try to do something like that to help make you wake before you can’t help yourself. Good luck to you.

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i do follow my self, it not that hard,.

ues to be, my mom who will follow me, but i want to do, all, my own diabetes care,.