Followup on mean people post

Thanks everyone for your heartfelt feedback on my recent runin with an ignorant physician collegue, as a followup, I gues I’m realizing that other than my most tight circle of friends, most acquaintances and people you come across during your daily life really don’t give a crap about what it’s like to take care of a kid with diabetes… I suppose it’s polarized a bit by sports situations because they make it doubly important to be careful about carb counting checking bs an avoiding low’s and highs… Which is why I find communities like tundiabetes so helpful… The diabetes blogosphere has become such an incredible source of support for me… Thanks for giving a crap and helping my family so much!!

This is a GREAT site for all u jusy talked about!!!! I LOVE IT HERE!!! I can only hope I was in someway heplful to u

You are right, "out there" very few understand, neither want to learn.
D online communities are good, we need to know someone can "feel" us.