Food and numbers

I just ate a small banana when my BG was 80. I will check my postprandial in 1 hour. Can I assume that given the same conditions (not ill, not exercising, etc.) a small banana will raise my BG by that same number?

I'm not clear on what you're asking (maybe not enough coffee yet!). The small banana will raise your BG by what same number?

There are a lot of non environmental and environmental factors that will raise your BG. Usually if something raises your bg 2 hours pp will raise it again the next time you eat it, but sometimes you'll get lucky and it won't. Does that answer your q? It was a bit confusing sorry Cactus.

I see I didn't say that very well! What I'm wondering is once I have measured a food to raise my blood sugar a certain number (in this case 32), can I count on it to be the same under similar circumstances in the future?

I think the answer to your question is yes. At least, that's what I would expect.

What I would note is that bananas seem to do whacky things to me depending on how ripe they are and how big they are. I also would likely not use 32 for a "small banana."

Ooh, that's right--greener bananas wouldn't affect my bg as much. It actually was 32--80 to 112--with a small yellow banana. Thanks folks!