Food database

Does anyone know how to get foods into the food database on the Ping meter? Can this be done without the EZ Manager software (which seems outdated now - at least I can't get mine to work on my Windows 8 computer, it comes up with errors every time I try to start it). I've never used this in the past, but mostly because it's empty by default and I've never really investigated how to get foods into it.

Do you have one of the new cables? I don't have ezManager as I have a Vibe so I don't know how compatible it is with Win8 but I needed to get a new cable to be able to use the pump with Diasend on a Win8 computer

I don't know how, but I use Go Meals app for Iphone or Android phones. It's updated all the time and covers restraurant and grocery store foods.

I don't think I do. I got my Ping three years ago. Thanks for the information. I'll call Animas and see if I need a new cable. For some reason I thought it was just a standard mini USB cable, but maybe it's not.

I've tried mobile apps, but I recently switched to an Android phone and literally despise using it ... I just hate the user interface (previously I used an iPhone 3GS) I use speech output on my phones so the apps I use also have to be accessible with speech, which not all are. So I like the idea of having a database on my meter as backup. I've heard GoMeals is good (and accessible, last I hears), so I'll probably check that out as well.

In order to use EZ Manager and/or Diasend, go to and download the Windows 8 drivers and instructions. The updated IR Dongle driver also fixes the pump driver. Configure Food DB allows you to upload the food DB from the pump or download a new one to the meter. The Configure Settings tab will allow you to customize several settings, such as pump name and label the basal programs.

One word of caution, install the software before you install the updated driver. Otherwise the new driver will be overwritten.


This is a couple of weeks old now, but I have some info that may help. I just got a new ping and remote yesterday and went to try to put the database on my remote. I used ezmanager since I had all the drivers updated for my windows 8 computer. Long story short, after talking to technical support it turns out that if you use ez manager on a windows 7 or 8 computer to update the food database, you corrupt the meter software.
So now I'm waiting for my new meter to come in the mail, and have been told that you can download the database from diasend directly to the meter without this problem happening.
Hope this helps!

Yikes! I guess I won't be trying to do it with ez mananger. I've updated the drivers and still no success in having Diasend download my data ... I think my next step is technical support.