Food for thought - is failure a form of success?!

What is failure?

What is success?

Is success when you have achieved your goal and reached the end of your journey; or is it the systematic process of reaching that destination? If it is a systematic process there are moments where we will not achieve our intermittent goals as we designed. There may even come a point when achieving the end result is in doubt.

So we stop pursing our original goal and change course. What if the new course takes us to places we didn’t plan on, delivering achievements that satisfy our sense of accomplishment and worth? Does this equate to success?

Let’s assume that we didn’t change course but endured the hardships and reached our original destination, providing a sense of accomplishment. Is this success?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself, no one can answer them for you.

Regardless your definition of success no one in life achieves without knowledge, which in part comes from contemplation of our past failures and successes; making failure an essential part of our future success. So if that is true, is not failure some form of success?

Life is a forward continuous motion that moves beyond our failures and our successes, until that final curtain falls.

For me success is moving through life’s daily motion being thankful for my blessings while recognizing the possibilities of tomorrow. No matter where you find yourself in life, there is hope in that very next moment, but true joy comes from recognizing and appreciating the gifts we presently possess and share with others. Setting goals and attempting to achieve them gives us the opportunity to use are gifts for ourselves an others. Life is a process, it would be a shame to discount the process for the short lived joy generated from the end result.

That’s what I think, what say you?