Food inflight

I recently returned to my home town in the UK flying from Tampa to London and back and requested diabetic meals for the flight both ways. They gave me pasta, a white dinner roll and melon/grapes for dessert. Also with the meal was a bag of normal sugar to be used for the coffee/tea etc. I have written to this particular Airline Company before complaining about their diabetic meals to no avail. They just don’t listen. Don’t they know that pasta, white flour dinner rolls and melon are all high in sugar? Next time I will take along a wholegrain sandwich!

I’ve heard that asking for the kosher meal usually gets you the lowest-carb meal on airlines. I don’t think they’ll ever change their “diabetic” menu. But supposedly all airlines are like that.

Next time I might just try the kosher meal Kimberly :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the same… I’m about to do 30 hours of travel getting from South Korea to Connecticut (with two fun transfers!)… I didn’t ask for diabetic meals because I expected this kind of garbage… I’m gonna pack plenty of food and hope for the best with what they serve me. Ugh.

Well good luck Sam and have a safe trip :slight_smile:

Kosher meals will be high in potatoes and sodium. You may want to see what the “vegetarian option” is.