Food Labeling on Menus

I had heard on the news that major chain restaurants will be required to list food labels next to their menu items. I am excited about this! I travel alot and eating at home is not always availalabe. So avoiding doing the “WAG” thing, (Wild As… Guess) this will be a big help to me.

That would be so great.

I had never heard WAG, but I love it! I’m going to tell my husband that one. I love that the restaurants will have to do this. If you have ever asked for the nutritional value guide they are required to provide, you’ll understand why. I was in Pizzeria Uno one day and asked for that, it’s a bloody computer right at the front of the restaurant that you have to go to. So there I am standing in front of everyone else waiting for a table trying to decide what I’m going to order. Ridiculous. Talk about embarrassing.