Food logs

How does everyone do there’s? Computer? or write in in a notebook? Looking for a better way to log food,etc.

I just enter all my food into Love the website because I can check and see how I am doing on nutrition also. I dont know if there is any way to do a print out, that would be cool.

I dont generally keep a food log—i have been for the last couple days because i am going to see a new CDE next week and wany to have all of my ducks in a row since insurance doesnt cover the visit and it will cost me $225. I am just doing it in Word—and pasting in my cgm graphs—along with logging my basal rates.

It is very interesting to me…but alot of work and i know how i am, and wont keep it up.
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I don’t keep a food log at all, we have a set amount of carbs for each meal and I stick to that.

I don’t use a food log. I just use the reports I get from my pump. I can look at my daily carb intake and adjust from there if I find that I need to cut down on my carbs. is great! Marston, their founder, is one of our members.


Can you download your pump? has a place for comments etc… So I comment on what food I eat and cheat with. I also have it set to share with my Dr. He can see my human not in control moments as well as when I’m doing it all right.

I write it down in a notebook. But I’ve not really kept a food log since the first couple weeks after diagnosis because my diet is more or less the same most of the time. There are things I just won’t let myself consume. It’s kinda boring but it works.

Can you share your day of boring eating?

Breakfast is a serve of protein, usually a tablespoon of peanut butter or an egg (scrambled in a non stick pan or hardboiled), 2 slices of multi-grain bread, 1/2 glass of unsweetened soy milk. It’s a bit carby but my post-breakfast reading is the lowest PP reading I get (mostly 4.something mmol or within the low 5’s)

Lunch -if i’m at home, salad and protein form (usually grilled chicken or very lean grilled pork), a serve of fruit (which normally is a small apple). If I’ve just worked out vigorously, maybe I have some starch, like a slice of multigrain bread or half a sweet potato.

It’s a bit more tricky if I’m at uni (which is also when I need to log what I eat), and I mostly go for soup with healthy things like veggies and tofu or fish slices in it (forgo the noodles or ask for less and don’t finish it) or pick dishes to have without rice. I can get fruit in school so I might buy a slice of papaya or some guava.

Snack - low-carb brown rice crispbread with low-fat cheese or peanut butter x 1 or 2 depending on BG reading and also depending on whether I work out after lunch.

Dinner - 1/4 cup basmati rice, a lot of veggies, and stirfried or steamed or baked chicken/tofu/fish. And sometimes I may have a bit of fruit, but I prefer having fruit with lunch.

Don’t usually need a snack before I sleep. I drink lots of water, and throw in the occasional cup of green tea. No coffee, and I try to avoid diet coke.

I do take note of what I eat when I’m eating out, though, coz I get tempted by the sight of many things that probably aren’t fantastic for me. And because there’s a dire lack of cheap low-carb eating options here. But I try to make the best choices for me and don’t deny myself a slightly more carborific meal once in a very long while (but then work out after to help my BGs a bit).

I just make a note of what I eat as I go through the day in a notepad…simple but it works!