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Is the carb/food guide worth it? I know other pumps use calorie king? Having something like this would probably make life a little easier. I currently don’t have the omnipod, but Cigna is now considering it for me.

I find the food library that is built-in the OmniPod PDM to be practically useless. Its selection/variety is too limited, it does not include many common foods (pizza, for example), and the potion sizes it uses are very impractical - most of the data uses measurements, such as ounces, that are just not the way that food is served. I mean, knowing that tortilla chips are X grams per ounce means nothing unless you measure your servings, and who does that?!
(Yes I know there are a few people who use a scale to measure everything, but that is hardly practical for the average person).

Anyway, I’ve found that I’ve gotten very good at carb estimating (without the food data library), for both home-cooked and restaurant food. It took about 6-9 months of pump usage along with religious post-meal testing, but I’m now able to estimate good enough to keep my post-meal BGs in my desired range about 80% of the time.

I don’t know what you mean by “use calorie king,” but the carb guides on Cozmo, Animas, and Omnipod are all pretty useful if you find you need the estimation help. (Minimed doesn’t have a carb database and suggests that you carry a pocket Calorie King book.)

I don’t use my carb database as often on the Omnipod as I did on my Cozmo because it’s just a reference tool on the Omnipod for viewing and considering. I’ve used it to estimate fruit sizes vs. carbs and such. On the Cozmo (which is no longer available), you could actually select the food and add the carb amount to your current bolus. I wish the Omnipod did that. But it’s handy, nonetheless.

I agree with Eric. We do measure a lot (my son was only diagnosed a year ago and I’m a parent, so I don’t mind carrying stuff around for him.) I’m sure he won’t when he’s older. But anyway, even though we do measure stuff, I still find that thing pretty useless. Any time I don’t have easy access to knowing the carbs of something, and I think - Oh, I could check in the omnipod . . .it’s not there, or it’s in some odd measurement I can’t figure out on the spot. The foods that are in there that he eats, I already know.

It was useful at the beginning for me. I was not counting carbs before going on the pod. So it helped me learn. Now I hardly every use it.

I’m not thrilled with the Omnipod food library. It is too limited as Eric said. I rarely need to look up carbs anyway, but when I do, I use the Calorie King

we haven’t really used it very much

I use the food library sometimes. What I use a lot is the carb “pre sets” to add the amount of carbs in certain restaurant meals and other favorites.

Thanks Janice. I’ve been a D for a long time taking MDI and this is the first time I have considered a pump. I have a lot to learn. It seems all the other pumps try to make this so easy. Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time right now. I am waiting on Cigna to give me the OK.