Food on campus


What tips do you guys have for healthy, tasty eating on campus? The food on my campus can get a bit unhealthy but there are a number of stalls to choose from.

Since school’s begun, I usually find myself picking soupy items and not drinking all the soup anyway because that’s where hidden sugars are found. There’s this dish I like where I get to pick stuff to put in soup - veggies, tofu, mushrooms and I can opt to put noodles in it too. Healthy and light and easily low carb when I choose not to have the noodles. It’s a common dish here and I can easily obtain it outside of school as well.

Sometimes I go to the stall which sells rice and dishes. Opt out of the rice, or ask for less of it, pick 2 veggies and a source of protein (eggs, chicken or tofu in my case) and skip the gravy. It’s a little on the oily side but not too bad overall.

Of course if time permits I’ll take the bus out of campus to the nearest shopping mall and grab a subway sandwich!

What are your top choices for food in your campus?


We are really lucky here. The food at Texas A&M is really getting better, and the manager of Food Services is really stepping things up to keep us healthy. There are monthly Farmers Markets set up here with local produce sold. There are a few sandwich places where you can get stuff that is healthy, all the way to REALLY unhealthy. They even stood up a Sushi bar and a Tomato bar this past year. I know my brother who is also here sat down with the head of Food Services at lunch one day and just talked with him about the new stuff they are bringing out. (The Manager does this all the time aparently with students)

Right off campus there are a ton of places to eat. Lots of burger joints of course, but there is a darn good sub sandwich place, a pita place and some oddballs like a very good cajun joint. I have been VERY impressed with the amount and quality of food places in our little town.