For My Fellow Droid Users

I have Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and have just moved to a new town, Oviedo, Florida. It's mostly country, with no doctors nearby, and unfortunately, I've left all my previous doctors behind, including my Diabetes Doctors. Now, I've got to start with a clean slate.

Thank goodness for my Droid Eris Smartphone by HTC. No shameless plug intended, but if there's any fellow Type 1 or 2 out there with any type of Droid, and the same predicament I'm in, you should know that there's a free app guaranteed to get you out of this. Michael Quach created it, and it's one of his best.

It's simply called "Doctor Finder" and once you download and use it, with the help of Google, it knows your city you live in and state. Just press "Endocrinologist" and it will help you find an Endocrinologist near you. You'll have to do more in depth research once you find one you like, but that won't be much of a problem. :)