For newbies and others! Diabetes is not a disease

Well, you think, is this guy gone bunkers? Not yet , but I’m working on it! LOL! But some call diabetes a condition and not a disease.But the big difference is that you, the diabetic is in charge far more than your doctor. Condition, affliction or disease whats in a name?
What I really want to say is that diabetes 1 and 2 require that the patient gets with it! You must educate yourself! Of course in the very beginning when you maybe all upset to have to say good buy to carefree living in order to keep reasonable healthy you will have to get put straight on the mechanics and maintenance of your daily actions as required to stay as healthy you can make it. Doctors are busy and may get impatient with the patient who comes too often and is on the phone all the time.

How lucky you are to have a computer and have access to the friendly people on these diabetes support groups.Of course reading books if you have the time for it will tell you a lot as well as will boards like Mendosa’s. BUT they may not answer your questions you have at the moment!

For that we have people on this board who probably had the same problems as you may now have.
Even doctors who do not experience the daily troubles we may have cannot answer your questions like those who live with diabetes. This is not to say that you must by-pass your doctor because WE are NOT doctors at all. Even though, I have often over the years found that with my many years of experience I seem in some cases to know more about diabetes than he does. My doctor is very good and I go to him now for 32 years. But we never talk diabetes, he keeps an eye on my HGA1C (5.9)
and I’m sure if it would go out of hand he would talk about it. Twice he even did send a patient to me who needed to be assured that life is possible after diabetes. You be amazed how many “Newbies” act like diabetes is the end of life. They cry their eyes out, then see me with 50 years of diabetes and they perk up a bit. Didn’t even lose my good looks! LOL.

So, where with other diseases your doctor will make all the decisions for you, with diabetes you need to educate yourself as much as possible to make the decisions needed at the time. This will come with time of course, so don’t go overboard on the learning phase either… Diabetes is a pest, but you can live with it quite well.

I hope this advice has some value for you and you don’t see me as a snotty “Know it all fellow” trying to sound important! I have better things to do! LOL.

Good looking John is saying thanks for reading and greetings,


From the perspective of another Ex-Dutchman , you hit the nail right on the head :wink:

Hey JB! Nice to see you here. that is a very good post and your great sense of humor always makes it even better.

Actually a good sense of humor is better than good looks, JB, At least I think so. If you don’t have your good looks someday you will still have your sense of humor. I think that wold be better than being a good looking sour pus. LOL!

So insightful.
i would love to be your ‘life student’ JOHNBEN
couple of comments. certainly diabetes is only a condition (of glucose control gone crazy/ impaired!), but please remember if not controlled, it can lead to so many serious ‘diseases’. But yes, its only a condtion. I studied [pathology] and saw all the ravages of diabetes first hand in diabetics who donated their organs. i used to wonder why? happened to them. the answer is clear, …slowly day by day.

medical science tells us now this thing is now BEATABLE (with some hard work and attention (both will and mind power).
So to your comment …" be assured that life is possible after diabetes". So true ! its only a condition! However unleash the beast of ‘uncontrolled diabetes’ and thats when the diseases slowly come on board (over months or years). watch the daily highs and lows though!!

About JOHNBEN’s “Diabetes is a pest”. I heard a beauty : “don’t make Diabetes your friend”, but learn to live with it!

I better clear this up a bit. What I mean by diabetes is a condition (some others said) is that with most diseases you depend fully on your doctor. With diabetes you almost completely depend on yourself.


Thank you for this. Ive only been T1 for 9 months and dfinately have not fully accepted I will have this forever. It makes it easier to deal with when people like you make this kind of post. Thanks for the positive spirit!

John, you are awesome. Thank you for saying what I feel so concisely.