For the first time, I had to make two calls for Dexcom to replace a defective item

I called yesterday morning, waiting about 15 minutes for a tech who refused to replace my receiver that has THREE issues: 1) won’t connect to transmitter, 2)buttons are funky, 3) doesn’t hold a charge for long. I was shocked the guy wouldn’t send a replacement.

I called back later and had no problem getting someone else to send out a replacement which is due to hit my doorstep (only figuratively) this Saturday.

The guy who wouldn’t replace it? He had no accent. :slight_smile:

EDIT: they are sending a touch receiver to replace my non-touch. I’m OK with that as I know I’ll have to get that type soon anyway as they switch me to the G6.

@Dave44 I’m glad they are going to replace it for you. I’m going to be lost when I no longer have my clip-on receiver. I think when you upgrade to the G6, you have to take the touch receiver (the non-clip-on). I’m wondering though, if there isn’t a way to clip-on the new type of receiver?

I just talked to insurance last week. I think those receivers are under waranty for 3 years. ???

I use a clip for the non-touch. Here is the link:

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for Medicare users, I think it is 3 years. I’m under 3 years from the original order.

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@Dave44 Thanks! When I have to make the switch I’ll now be able to keep the same setup I have now!

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apply alcohol to the button and back of receiver, with a pad/rag, let dry thoroughly and the adhesive will hold like it is welded on.

Always remember this question…“so,you can’t help me? Well, let me just hold while you find someone who can”

Love it!!! Sometimes being the loudest person, pays off!

Just don’t go overboard. Every large company has artificial intelligence in place now a days to identify what they consider “crank callers” and would just as soon those customers never order from them again and hope those customers will tell their like minded friends not to order either. The customer is the one to end up frustrated and losing out. If 98%+ of a company’s customers are mostly happy with their product and service, most companies now have special customer service staff in place to discourage the remaining 2% to order from them in the future.