For those who workout?

Where do I pump my pump when I have my site on my arm. I know the pump is water RESISTANT but I don’t like that it would have skin contact and be therefore touching my sweat. I don’t have the luxury of having long tubing (I have 32 in Sure T), so I can’t slip it down to my waist. I put it in my cleavage during the day, but when I workout, I need to have it in a more secure place. Any suggestions or personal experiences? Thanks!

Try getting a armband for a classic ipod … the pump should fit right in…

I was going to suggest an MP3 player arm band as well. I have a Case Logic one that fits my MM722 pump. Here is a picture of it with my old Cozmo pump. I usually wear it on my leg, but it is designed to be worn on the arm.

This is the website for that case.

That’s pretty neat! I like that idea