*For Type 1 Adults In Ontario Canada

I had mentioned last October(2007) that Adult Type 1 Diabetics living in the Province of Ontario would be offered free Insulin pumps and supplies if they needed them. Mr. Caplan, our Health Minister made the second announcement in Toronto yesterday, that this would begin in September 2008. Finally…

If I remember correctly, Ontario is the trial run. If it is successful here then the rest of Canadians will be offered a free pump and supplies also, if they need them.

The Type 1 Ontarian Children were offered the free pumps and supplies in 2006, I believe. Now I’m Pleased with our Government. If they could get some more of our Doctor’s and Nurses back, I’d be Thrilled.

There were 2 similar articles in The Toronto Star, so I included them both:



Thanks to Megan Ogilvie from The Toronto Star for these articles and anyone else involved.

Hi Terri. They are a bit late.I got my pump in February of 2008.It is too bad it took them this long to figure out that diabetics have lower A1 readings on the pump resulting in better control and less complications.My A1 went from 7.0 to 6.3.

Hi Dee:

Nice to see you Ya. :o) Yes, I remember our conversation in October/07. I did mention to you that the Gov. was going to supply the free pumps in 2008 but I didn’t know when exactly. They already knew about the pumps helping many Diabetics to stay free from complications longer. That is why they decided to go with this plan. Like with everything else the Gov. crawls like a snail. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. If they supply them by September or October, then that’s pretty Good.

Your Husband’s Insurance or Employer paid for your pump, right? Personally, I don’t think that the Gov. would give you one if you have other coverage for a pump and supplies. That
wouldn’t make much sense and would be a waste of money.

My Husband’s Employer has covered pumps for their Employees and their Employee’s Spouses(not sure about their Kids) for a few years now. So mine would be covered. I wouldn’t consider taking a pump from the Gov. when someone else without Insurance or other coverage is far more needy than I. I just hope that the People who get them appreciate them and look after the pumps and themselves. It would be dangerous for them not to and a sheer waste otherwise.

Congrats to you on getting your A1c down to 6.3. Good Job Dee! ;o)

No we paid out of pocket for the pump.I have coverage for the supplies.

Yes they started covering pumps and supplies for type 1’s in September.I knew that it would happen just didn’t know when.They started on September 1.2008The insurance company won’t pay for my supplies now.I have to go through the Government grant.It should take about 8 weeks.In the meantime I will get my supplies from a cheaper website,not Animas.Sorry Animas.You only need a minimum of 195$ to not be charged for shipping.At Animas if you don’t order over $400 they charge you 10 bucks for shipping.So I will go through Diabetes Express.The insets are also cheaper there.My whole order will be at least $100 cheaper.