Forced to watch video

OK, I’m guessing I’m going to get flamed but I’m ticked. I didn’t click on that video at work, and went home intending to do so 2 days ago - but found I was being forced to do so. Now I refuse to do so. I will not not not click on that video and every time I check out Tudiabetes only to be thrown into that extra page I get more and more angry.
Am I the only one who loathes heavy handed coercion?

At the very bottom of the page, you can click skip video and head straight to tudiabetes.

that’s what I’ve been doing. Just ticks me off to be forced to do so.

Not flaming, but considering they got a major corporation to ante up a large amount of cash to fund a cause that I would think this community would be able to get behind 100%, I think our “inconvenience” is well worth it. This is a support and social site, I have a hard time understanding NOT supporting this effort, it’s only for 2 weeks, not gonna be here forever!

Amen Jacky. I have been in the position of not being able to afford my insulin, so I think it’s pretty awesome they’re doing this. You should be watching the darn thing as much as you can. It’s not like they strapped you down and held your eyeballs open. They provided a way to avoid watching the video. I just don’t know why you’d want to.

Hmmm…I’m not having that experience. I just click on TuD and don’t get the video. Could it be because I have the website in my favorites file and go straight to Discussions, not the Home Page? Maybe doing that would solve the problem for you too?

I agree with you about heavy handed things. Last year I objected to the plan for the Big Blue Test to be test/exercise 14 minutes/test. I don’t “exercise” formally. I walk everywhere I go but that isn’t something I’d do for 14 minutes. Even if I chose not to exercise at all or was unable to do so due to medical problems as is true for some people on the board, it should be a choice. So I will do the test by just…testing.

I’m also not crazy about having to scroll down every single time I sign on through someone else’s ideas of “Featured Discussions”. But then I love TuD and it’s a lot less controlling than the website I mentioned recently (MedHelp) where I was kicked off for listing other websites…like this one. There is a good saying, “Take what you need and leave the rest”.

Second that, Jacky.

The inconveniece while accessing via mobile device can be avoided by not accessing via the mobile device…

And if I had only to put up with all of the trappings of diabetes until November 14, I’d click a button as often as a lab rat – maybe more.

What was wrong with the top bar…not in your face forced to click skip. Principle of it… Jacky what if you got something like this on your meter every time you had to test. Pretty annoying if it was something you really didn’t want to watch even if you’ve already watched it. It’s like forcing me to vote Democrat…

Just kidding! Flame away ; )

Lol John, and hey, I already live that, well, almost, I pump with an Animas ; )

I agree with Jacky. It doesn’t bother me to have to do it. Sometimes I watch the video and others, I hit skip. It is for a good cause and they will be changing things back to normal after the 14th. No one is forcing you to watch it. They are trying to get to 100,000 views. I just looked on YouTube and they aren’t even quite halfway there. Not to mention, this is a free site so we should try to support what Manny & Andreina are doing.

I have two thoughts. The first-I agree, it’s a very small inconvenience for a few more days. Perhaps the html code can be set to recognize your IP address and allow you to go past it after having watched it one time. I realize that would not deal with your complaint directly, but might help.

Having said that, I more than completely support the effort. I encourage you to watch the video, you’ll see members of this very community in an extreemly well-done video living their lives for a few moments, and having done so, your viewing will have provided a weeks worth of insulin to a child who otherwise perhaps would have gone without. Think about it. You can trade your anger for some life giving insulin with one click of a button, or you can stay angry. Others are going to click that button, way more than enough times to reach the goal, so my words are not meant to try to guilt you into watching. I simply believe it’s a worthwhile cause and more than outweighs any temporary small inconvenience.

It is a fund raiser for kids to get insulin. It’s a nobel effort and the cause is excellent. Have your snit all you want, but look at the big picture. They aren’t asking you for money. It’s a temporary condition until the 14th. One extra click to get past the vid screen is not a huge thing. It’s a charitable cause. I doubt that this will make them take the entry screen down. So don’t watch the video all you want if you feel it will make your point.

I do it a couple of times a day. If this gets a kid insulin, I’m all in. It’s about taking care of our own and helping those with the least among us.


I am watching it a lot also. I joked on YouTube the other day that I thought the counts are off because I probably watched it a 1,000 times myself. I am clicking on it here. I have watched it on YouTube. I keep sharing it in Facebook & asking everyone to watch it again. I am putting it on the bottom of every post of my blog asking people to watch it. I sent it via email to everyone I know asking them to watch it and also forward it. Depending on what the count it up to next week, I am probably going to email everyone again & ask them to watch it. I guess I am pretty annoying!

There is a counter on YouTube and I am guessing that is the one that counts to Roche. Right now, it is at 40,835. Someone from DHF posted there that it only gets updated every couple hours.

Right there with ya I have a Ping.

Oops, I didn’t realize it was a fund-raising thing; I take back my comments!

There should be an option to opt out, such as a cookie or ‘don’t show this again’ box.

It’s kind of obnoxious and it doesn’t matter how good a cause it is. That’s really no excuse for giving people NO option to choose. EVERY time I hit the Home tab I have to click through the screen again, no matter which part of TuDiabetes I’m coming from. It’s no different than spam in many respects.

If every time you came home someone physically stopped you at the door and asked you to sign a petition in favor of [insert favorite cause here] you’d get pretty annoyed too no matter how much you favored the cause. It’s no help to tell people it will be over in 14 days - or worse yet ‘don’t use the mobile app’ - why have the mobile app at all?

The lack of a choice is . . . well, it’s rude. No, it’s not a big thing. It’s a little annoyance. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t complain about it.


Just change your bookmark for it from, to, and you will always bypass the video…

Just remember that no one is trying to coerce anyone into anything. It’s just… they really, really want to get people’s attention who many never come in here, or only casually in here, to really watch that video and help a needy child with Type 1 Diabetes in a country where they many not have any easy access to insulin, due to poverty, lack of medicines and resources, etc.

It’s your choice not to watch it. But you also have free access to insulin, and do not live in a third world country. I don’t know that I could live with that on my mind, all simply because I was mad that some video was placed front and center for more attention.

We are just too spoiled in this country.

But you do have a choice, you don’t have to watch it and you don’t have to use this message board. I get alot out of TuDiabetes so it does not bother me to give a little back.