Forgive Me Disney for I Have Sinned

Taken for our blog - Your Diabetes May Vary

… I let my teenager loose with his GAP.

Let me explain;

The last day of the Children With Diabetes’ Friends For Life conference is go play in the park day.

Prior to that Disney lined up families and handed out Guest Assistance Passes (GAP). We have two T1 kids and they don’t always do the same park
stuff, so we got a pass for each. Disney puts the full party size on
the GAP when they write it. We were staying another week and flying
down the rest of the family and a friend of the boys.

That’s 7 if your counting.

FFL worked well for Connor, as far as we could tell. Not that we saw much of him. He did a drive by “Hi dad. We had a good session this morning”
once. Other than that he was with his peers.

So that last day Connor went to the Magic Kingdom with some of his new friends. We went with some of ours. We may have seen him for a few seconds, he may have
needed cash.

In point of fact some of the other T1 parents were getting a bit suspicious. They didn’t think Connor actually existed.

In short they were close to calling the cops on the imaginary T1 kid we invented for insurance fraud. Hell of a good idea but I don’t want
three diabetics, even if one is imaginary.

Connor caught wind of this imaginary thing and made a point of acting like some kid we hired to play the part of our imaginary diabetic kid on the rare
occasions he was around these other diabetic parents.

If you find this at all confusing, welcome to my life.

So anyway we find out later that Connor and Co. instantly became the masters of the GAP’s ability to shorten Disney lines. He also very
quickly noticed it said a party of 7. There were 3 of them that day.

In his mind that was extra capacity that was going unused.

So what does he do? Just use it for him and his buddies? Nope. He pulls people out of line and takes them into Space Mountain with him.

When we found out we put a stop to it. I was ready to be ticked off, thinking he was probably flirting on the girls or something.

Nope. He picked a family of 4 with smaller kids. Figured he would make there day.

It is like he’s is his own little Year of a Million Dreams making lines shorter for random families.

I swear the kid is a regular Robin Hood.

ahhhh…My kind of Kid!!! Congrads on raising an AWESOME DUDE!!!