FORGOT about diabetes... how could I do that?!

Ok- so yesterday was a CRAZY day for me and it wasn’t until almost midnight that I realized I hadn’t done anything for my diabetes all day!!! How could I forget that?! I mean, I didn’t test my blood sugar, I didn’t do any insulin, I only ate once all day. I am paying for it today of course, but I’m just amazed at myself and frankly a little disappointed. I thought I was doing better than this.

I will say, it was a REALLY exciting day. My husband is a HUGE Joe Hill (the author) fan and my husband hasn’t really done anything exciting in his life. He actually led a very sheltered life prior to me. Well anyway, he got to meet Joe Hill yesterday and Joe Hill signed his book and it was just a very exciting day. It was busy because I had so much I needed to get done so we could actually GET to meet him, but anyway… I was running straight from the time I got up to the time I got home and settled in for dinner and all that at midnight. As I took a breath for the first time it seemed all day I see my chalkboard that says “Check your bloodsugar” and I realize… OH CRAP!!! I haven’t done anything today!

So I’m feeling kinda like someone who crams for a big test and then chokes at the last minute. I’m really disappointed with myself and having a hard time shaking the feeling. Please, please, please tell me someone else has done this once in their life. It would go a long way making me feel better today.

Hi Devon,

Don’t worry, we all forget about things now and then. Diabetes is a 24-7-365 problem, so it’s natural that sometimes it just doesn’t get done like it needs to. Life is full of other stuff, and sometimes that just makes it tough to find the time.

Don’t beat yourself up over this one mistake. Try and learn from it and make an effort to do better next time. Remember, this isn’t your fault that you’re having to deal with D, so don’t blame yourself for whatever might happen.


Devon= No biggie.

Not sure if you’re type 1 or 2, but as a type 1 here, I skipped a few MONTHS of diabetes (when I was about 16 or 17). Didn’t check my BG, didn’t eat hardly ANYTHING AT ALL, blind injected my “nighttime” insulin only once per day… and then WONDERED why I felt so crappy. Duh.

So… You’re here today. (and you’ve got a cool autograph)

Let it go. Live and learn. Life’s a beach.
(any other sayings to put in here?)