Forgot my monitor

What to do without a monitor? Yesterday I met a friend for a picnic lunch in the park. It was not a park close to my home and when I got there I realized my BS monitor was on my dinning room table at home. I went ahead and ate lunch and took a walk with my friend, then high tailed it back home and checked my blood sugars to discover I had spiked to 256. I am on both Lantus and Humolog insulin (for about a two months). I did not know how much Humolog to shoot. I have a chart that tells me how much to shoot due to my blood sugars before a meal. I tried to call the doctors office only to be dumped into voice boxes, I tried to call a nurses 24 hour hotline, the nurse said only the doctor could tell me how much to shoot. So I called back the doctor’s office and asked to talk to a human, they said they would find out and call back. That call never came. So, I decided to shoot what my average lunch has been for the past week. What was I supposed to do? I know I am not the only one who has found themselves in this type of scenario, what did you do?

I give myself one unit of Humolog for every 50 points above 100. I would have given myself 3 units and checked again in an hour or so. It doesn’t always work quickly. If you are going to be home and able to keep checking, you might give yourself an extra unit…4 in this case for me,and watch yourself carefully. Drinking lots of water…a couple of glasses, sometimes helps, as does being active…no napping!

At the park, I would have dosed 1 unit for every 15 g’s of carbs, but leaning on the conservative side, as you weren’t sure where you were starting numbers wise. I can still feel my lows and always have candy or juice wih me, so I would have dosed without checking, again conservatively, knowing I could adjust later once I checked my numbers…not the best way to keep good control, but makes me feel better than doing nothing.

I did the same thing.
Ran back home, tested my blood sugar and went from there.
I’ve been on your Lantus and Humolog deal for nearly two years and m pretty good at looking at a meal and guesstimating how much Humolog to use.
Just test again in about an hour to make sure, and you should be fine.
Make sure you have something to use in case of low blood sugar. Glucose tabs work great and take up little space in a purse or bag.

Everything Elaine said, and also I have three working meters - one always stays at home, one always in my purse, and a backup.

Thank you all for great info and ideas. I did give myself 3 units, however I must admit a nap in the late afternoon and I did wake up low. I was tempted to shoot the 5 units the chart called for but I knew I wasn’t going to eat again for several hours. SO glad I did not. Thank you Elaine I will remember your suggestion of 1 unit for every 15 g’s. I always have power bars in with my insulin and I keep glucose tabs and hard candy in my car.
Yes Cathy I am upset the Dr’s office never called back. It is considered one of the top endo groups here in St. Louis and I think they are too busy. I actually have their phone number on my medical ID and feel that was not the best idea. This is not the first time they have let me down. The Doctor will hear about it at my next visit. Thanks again

Without a meter I would never inject NovoRapid insulin. This means that the picknick is spoiled, I know. The reason is that NovoRapid is far to quick for me to mess around with it. Injecting NovoRapid with 70 mg/dL would bring me in serious trouble with normal acting carbohydrates.

Hi Jeanne,
You were quick thinking and did well. I can tell you that for myself, I would not have bothered calling the doctor’s office. He or a nurse would only guess at how my body is feeling and what I may or may not need. Se we (my doc and i) have a set of standing orders. I use those as a guide line and can always correct if need be. Have confidence in yourself. You did well and know how you are feeling. I would definitely talk this out with your doc on your next visit. It is just in my experience that a lot of times other people never respond as quickly as you want or need them to. So know that you have a good grasp on what you are doing and you are right on target.
Good job.

as far as checking my sugar goes, you can get more meters. They have them free from time to time, just get the same one. I have one in my car and one at home then I carry one. You can also go to to get more units for like 50% off. Or just ask your doc for a scrip and I most insurance companies will give a replacement unit every 6 - 12 months depends on the company and coverage. The one in my car I keep uner the seat to keep in cooler when the car gets hot.

My problem is I’m always leaving that thing places so that’s why I started putting them everywhere. The next unit I get will allow me to keep one at my work.

I don’t have anything to add as far was what you were supposed to do - I would have done the same thing you did. I think you handled it appropriately.

I have also been caught without a meter and it made me feel pretty stupid, so I now have multiple meters. Since I use the One-Touch I got a couple of One-Touch Mini’s to keep in the car and in my gym bag. They all use the same strips so there’s no extra expense - the meters were free, all I had to do was ask for them on the website. Now I’m am never far from a meter.

BUT - if you keep a meter in the car, don’t keep the strips there if you park in the sun. Keep the strips with you if you can.

To repeat - you done good.

I did the same thing over the summer I was in forest park for the int festival and left all my stuff in the car about a mile away I ate w/everyone and took my normal 5 units of novolog an hour later when we got back to the car… when I was at the Dr’s next I asked what to do in case it ever happens again … they said according to my numbers at the time it was the right call but each case is different … this time I was casually walking around a festival not exercising …yada yada yada … blah blah blah … and they basically said keep it with me …at the time I was also with my father-in-law who is type 2 and on some insulin for years now he suggested that if I generally knew what my #'s were basically keep things as I normally do and not over do lunch… I was not worried about being low but too high …