Formal Omnipod Apology

Hi all, remember that rant I went on with about vacation and omnipod not working last week?

Well I was WRONG! It WAS the diabetes, it turned out, everything back in check ( somewhat) after a 5% increase in basals and tweaks to carb ratio.

I feel really bad and hope I haven't turned anyone off of omnipod. Lorraine said she has been through this, and it turns out NOT to be the pod about 99 percent of the time.

We tried thigh again over the weekend, and other than a high spike four hours after her change ( lots of pineapple for breakfast) she was back to 140 after a two hour dance class, and it seemed to work fine after that..

It does take longer to get going on the thigh it seems, but I wonder if it is a function of fat, rather than actual location. My kid has NO body fat on stomach, just a little bit of skin to " pinch up" with, and about a honest half inch of fat on the thigh.

The adhesive did come up from pulling up pants and such.
( Kennedy wears simply the tightest abercrombie skinny jeans she can pour herself into, because it makes her MORE cool...)

Then mid day three she did rip it off in gym, probably because that bottom adhesive was coming loose.

Next time we use thigh, we probably want to go low glycemic inde in the morning following the change, cause it seems like if she has a big carb breakfast, the insulin is just not quite IN yet...

Other thigh tips and tricks certainly appreciated!! She is glad to let her bottom and belly heal up for a while. We are going to keep rotating thighs for a bit and see if we can get the hang of it.

We should start a wiki here and keep tips and tricks for each location??

Thanks again everyone for such support, just being able to come here and talk and question and rant is great!

And sorry podders and families considering omnipod, I made a big mistake about omnipod not working, and need to be more careful before I open my big mouth. I just wish I could know TRULY if there is a kink or an occlusion, some have said because kids are on low doses, ( k is on 22 units a day, 30k) the pressure doesn't build up enough to cause an occlusion alarm as it does in adults...

Again, who is going to FFL in Orlando???

We are!! 6 pools, the kids are crazy excited!!

Best, Natalie

You know that stretchy / sticky stuff you get wrapped around your arm after a blood test? We use that stuff around arms and occasionally thighs especially when the kids will be swimming / sweating. We also have Mastisol (extra-sticky stuff) that we use occasionally.

Yes! Coban! We have used it for belly back, but this morning, ( this is really because of the skin tight jeans...) we had the coban on, and she can't get HER PANTS OVER IT!!... Then when she pulls pants off and on, I think it is part of the problem... She has never minded wearing coban on belly back, but maybe she doesn't want the coban to show in gym or something... I'll ask her tonight, it does seem like it would help on the leg same as id does on other locations, especially on that third day, when the adhesive is coming off a bit...

And perhaps we will try a little mastisol, especially on that lower part of the adhesive where it rubs when she pulls up her jeans!

i dont think your former "rant" was all about omnipod, it was more about things not working on vaca for various reasons. so glad things are better. good luck with the thigh sites, we are going to retry them again soon.

It is nice to hear that things are settling down a bit. The unknown really is the toughest part sometimes. Just wondering what it might be and it’s so hard to islolate the variables and so easy to think it’s an equipment malfunction. :slight_smile: