Former (Really Former) CBC & EPJ Staff

I was searching for photographs of former CBC staff member Lisa Kenney and came upon this webiste. Dierdre Madden, how are you! Who from the ancient times at CBC and EPJ are in touch wtih? We are actually having dinner this evening with Robin Siedman, a former CBC staffer and now resident of Minnesota nearby where we live in Wisconsin.

It must be reunion time. Shelley Yeager is having a get together at her house tomorrow. I am going with Jane Meagher and Ruth Hopper. Maria, Gaylen McCann, Colleen McCarthy (who always wonders where Robin is) and Celia B are going to be there as well. You have just given me a reason to bring my camera. I will send you some photos. Please tell Robin I said hello.


How the heck are you? I am living in St. Paul, MN for the past 9 years and live only about 30 minutes from Rick and Lisa so I see them all the time.

If you see this before you get together with everyone, let them know I was asking for them and give them my e-mail (

Tell Colleen I am alive and doing well.

The reason we went on line last night was because I am looking for pictures of Lisa Kenney (ask Maria if she has any).

Take care.

Hi Robin

Dierdre told me that she talked to you via this website. I was psyched that smeone had heard from you. Last year we had come pretty close to having a reunion but it fell apart at the very end. I have gone to a few of the get togethers to see friends from CBC. I live in Uxbridge Ma (about 30 minutes from camp). The picture I ahve attached is of my daughter and I on our boat on Webster Lake ! I also have a son who is 18 and will be a Freshman in pre med next year.

I hope all is wellw ith you. My email is Tell Lisa and Rick I said hello.

Take care
Celia Brinkhaus Benoit


Hi I hope that all is well with you. I am wondering if you can help me out. Do you have an email address for Maria Lang?

Actually what I am looking for is/are pictures of Lisa Kenny (not sure if you remember her or not. I think she might have been done working or passed away by the time that you started at camp). At any rate she was a close friend of mine and pictures that I had of her were in a box in my basement that got wet and were destroyed and I was going to try to contact Maria as she was always taking pictures so I thought she might be my best bet for someone that would have pictures of Lisa.

I live only about 1/2 hour from Lisa and Rick Wheeler and they don’t have any as we have gone thru literally hundreds of camp pictures and slides and couldn’t find any.