Found... 25 year old glucose tablets!

BD Glucose tablets were discontinuted in 2009... a tudiabetes thread from 5 years ago:

While looking through pockets of an old suitjacket that I bought back in 1988? 1989? from a used clothing shop while I was in college, I found these ancient BD glucose tablets. I am a little unclear whether these glucose tablets of mine I found in the pockets, are from the very very late 80's, or early 90's, but they have expiration date of 1995 on them. If you get the idea that I only rarely wear a suit, you would be correct! These glucose tablets are now at least 20 years old, and might even be 25 years old!

They must be from well before when I got married, some event that required me to wear a suit I guess. I'm thinking spring formal from 1989 or 1990? Caltech-Occidental dance from 1991? Hmm. Hard to say at this date. I barely remember those but am pretty sure I would've worn this suitjacket then. In any event I didn't need these for hypo treatment on the few occasions I wore it, so they must've been good occasions at least in that respect!

My plans? I will keep them until my T1 50th dia-versary... only 18 years away, and eat them then!!!

Love it, Tim! When I closed out my mom's home after her death 3 years ago, including emptying pockets of clothes on the way to the Goodwill, I was amazed at some of the "stuff" I found. Definitely gave me pause to ponder just what might be found in the pockets of clothes in my closet that I wear little or not at all these days!.....Blessings.....

I am entertained by how well preserved these things are! I wish they were still available for our "emergency preparation stash". I don't know if tubs of glucose tabs would stay solid like those. Wouldn't it be hilarious if you got some bell bottoms at Goodwill and there were Starmint candies in the pockets??? I found them in a fringe beaded purse once but that was a long time ago :)

And have you ever in a moment of whimsy, made a mental list of "Things Which Will Survive the Apocalypse Along With Cockroaches?" I've listed Twinkies, various brands of "cheese whiz" type products, certain freeze-dried meals, etc!

Dit Toe!! And I am pretty sure that triscuits are indestructible so there is something to go with that cheeze whiz!! Twinkies are a must, and don't forget Nilla Wafers.

I don't want to survive with Cockroaches, but I bet they'd turn their antenna at those BD tabs. So we should stock up - LOL!!

I found a three-pack in an old suit the other day!