Found a Solution: what's yours?

i have been moaning and groaning about how i couldn’t get some carbs into my diet and how i couldn’t drink a cup of coffee w/out spiking. my answer: i increased the amount i bolus (i.e instead of covering 26 grams of carbs for an English Muffin, i bolus for 30 grams, and instead of bolusing 20 grams for my coffee i bolus for 22 grams.) also, for the muffin (and i tried this w/ oatmeal as well) i do a dual bolus of 50/50 for 2 hours. almost a CGM flatline for both.

share your experiments, experiences and you achievements. i would love to learn even more success stories like mine. (and i can’t tell you how excited and successful i feel, b/c that English Muffin was undeniably delicious)