Found some old doodles

I was looking through some old scrapbooks today and found a page of doodles that I drew in the months following my Dx back in 2003. It brought back memories of how isolated I felt. I didn’t know that my mom had kept it. I thought I’d post it here, some of you may get a kick out of them.
Sorry about the quality, I had drawn them in pencil and the page kind of faded a bit.


I also told her when we would find test strips in random places that it wasn’t my fault and that little “test strip gnomes” thought it was funny to play tricks on me by leaving them all over the house.


These are classic! I think the test strip gnomes have been at my house as well.

haha, they definitely live somewhere in my house. Glad you like them!

wow, those are really pretty cool. Brought a smile to my face!

Love your doodles. They’re wonderful!

I thought my test strips sprouted legs, so good to know it’s the gnomes. Think the gnomes are also messing with my meter while I’m sleeping.

I tell ya, they’re a pesky bunch. Never know what kind of mischief they’ll get into!


I think I just found my new desktop backgrounds. Thanks for sharing

Those little gnomes sure get around!

I always wondered how test strips wound up in the strangest places. Little buggers… :slight_smile: