Founder of Steady, AMA: A New Type of Diabetes Care?

BeyondType1 just posted an in-depth review of Steady Health:

If anyone has any questions about us or the service I’m here to answer


I wonder if that is the same Aimee Jose that used to be at PAMF?

Yes it is! She’s our head CDE.

This is the kind of diabetes care I wished I had over the years. If I still lived in the Bay Area, I would definitely subscribe to your service. Your extended appointments and access to the care team via text really sets off your service from the typical endo experience.

I wish you and the enterprise the best of luck. I fear that care at this level of responsiveness and customization will be difficult to remain economically viable. I think $59/month is a bargain. After living with T1D for 36 years and becoming a member of the senior cohort, I find myself spending more money out of pocket for supplements and naturopaths.

Most of the large improvements I’ve made with my diabetes care over the years have been driven by me with little initiative from my doctors. The doctors have been supportive with Rx support but they’re not the ones bringing the ideas forward – it’s almost always been me. I think their reluctance to stray anywhere near the boundaries of the standards of care has made their recommendations less than useful.

One of my most significant improvements in my glucose management has been the adoption of a carb-limited way of eating. When I raised this issue with more than one endo, all I heard was silence. I had expected to at least observe some curiosity, especially once they saw my CGM success.

I’ve also received zero encouragement from the success I’ve enjoyed with a DIY closed loop system. I didn’t expect any but my docs could have shown some enthusiasm for the concrete results I’ve achieved. I understand the liability aspect of this from the doctor’s perspective but it does take the wind out of any feeling of being a team.

I hope this idea catches on as it really is a better way to care for people with diabetes. Good luck!

By the way, what is AMA?

Glad to hear the service is resonating with you, too bad you’re not in the Bay Area anymore. We think we can make this economically viable through a mix of insurance and automation but it’s early so let’s see.

AMA means “Ask me anything” :slight_smile:

Ah, my digital short-hand inexperience shows!

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We can add AMA to acronyms list, first I’ve seen it.

Although I have not used it, the Integrated diabetes website/service, and sugar surfin, and this steady health group are definitely in the right direction.

I give credit to the online groups, conferences, etc for my improvement in A1C and overall health. And my recent medical team gets credit for supporting/responding to my requests, although I seem to always be initiating adoption of improvements.

I hope this new approach to care is successful and accessible.

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AMA is also used by Peter Attia for his podcast, “Ask Me Anything.”

This is actually what I would love to have. Someone to look at my reports and give me feedback. I don’t always see things the same way as others. I don’t really think I would care if it was a group of CGM users just getting together and comparing notes. Getting insight and helpful suggestions.
While my team doesn’t have video link, I can call or email anytime to either doctor or CDE and get some help if needed.
I love the idea of pictures of food intact, all foods. I know we sometimes think some foods don’t need to be counted but it is amazing how much some non carb based foods can destroy your blood sugar! It also gives a person a very good idea of what is actually going into your body everyday. I love this idea and also kinda like the group medical appointments that some clinics are trying.

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Hi Sally, glad Steady is resonating with you! We believe food, exercise and medication is vital data for us to be able to understand how a persons lifestyle is impacting their blood sugar. We think about it as a method of learning that will lead to better decision making skills on a daily basis.

Let us know where in the US you live and we’ll consider opening Steady there next!

As opposed to the American Medical Association (Ask me -us- nothing)

@artwoman – I recently visited the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA website to read something that someone here provided a link. The site required that I registered but allowed viewing three articles per month for free.

During the registration process, the site wanted to know my relationship to the practice of medicine. They provided a long list of provider types including doctor, dietitian, and physical therapist. They even included student. I was looking for the patient box to check but it wasn’t there. I had to check “other.”

This clubby and exclusive attitude seems archaic to me. It seems that the medical credentialed class should be inquisitive about patients like me, a person who has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 300,000 hours, has paid attention, and can communicate reasonably well. It makes me feel like some amoeba-like organism in a petri dish incapable of sentient thought.

Now I know their attitude is not that extreme but it does color to a large extent an arrogant perception of their role with patients. I for one think we, as patients, play a critical role in the evolution of medical knowledge and their studied disinterest in our perceptions and observations punches a large hole in their knowledge base.


I’ve had the same experience when searching out technical articles and research papers for other topics such as climate change. These are usually behind a paywall that I can not afford to enter, and I would be disqualified anyway because I am not a researcher. Academics talk to each other in these journals and they are very expensive. I’m not comfortable with science being filtered this way, being naturally skeptical.

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