Fraking Occlusion Hell

As you can see by my records from below, I am having Occlusion problems. I am working with clinical trainer at Insulet but am terribly frustrated. I do pinch up when we start a new pod. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

3-20 10:34 Occ Trying 3" from Bellybutton
3-19 06:38 Occ Trying Love Handle Area
3-18 01:09 Occ Trying Over Kidney Area
3-16 22:11 Occ Trying Upper Thigh
3-13 21:45 Occ Upper Back of Right Arm
3-12 05:51 Occ Lower Back of Left Arm
3-09 23:41 Occ Middle Back of Right Arm
3-05 16:04 Occ Lower Back of Right Arm
3-04 04:01 Occ Middle Back of Left Arm
2-24 05:06 Occ Top Back of Left Arm
2-23 08:46 Occ Bottom Back of Right Arm
11-12 09:23 Occ
Started Omnipod on 10-31

I have posted this in a couple of spots so sorry for reposts.

Hmmm. I’ve had 2 occlusions at most in a year of Omnipod-ing. But I’ve never pinched up skin, or even heard of it for the Omnipod…

I am wondering if your PDM is alarming for something else - but is doing it incorrectly with an occlusion alarm. Have you talked directly with Insulet - not your CDE or local rep - but with cust. serv? I have a hard time believing that your entire body has scar tissue to the extent thatyou are occluding this often . . .

Just a thought!

Aftert my educator checked my latest pod that Occluted after three hours. Insulet is sending a specialist out to examine me on Monday. We will see. Almost missed the call. They called at 7:30pm on a Friday night. Wierd thing is that They asked my how many pods I had on hand so that they can replace my supplies. If it isn’t a pod issue why are they replacing them?

I too have had 3 occlusions in my last 4 pods. It’s nowhere near as prevelant as yours but I’m starting to get worried. All of mine were lot number L30076. Do you know what lot numbers yours were? Hang in there, I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

They are from Lot Numbers L30099, L30100, and L30101. But Insulet support techs assures me that it is not a device error that it has to be either a user error or incompatibility problem. The Clinical trainer laughed her but off at that one.

Yea, they told me that too. Standard questions about do I use the pinch method and IV prep pads (both of which I do). They’re making me meet with a trainer to review proper placement technique. I’ve only been on the pods for a month and a half. I think I still remember what they taught me back on February 5th! Didn’t have a problem until last week though. We’ll see what happens.