Freaking out.. Somebody tell me what to do

It’s 12:35 pm my soon to be 8 yr old daughter came to me and said " I feel shaky." I wasnt apying attention to what she had for breakfast… her sister said " 2 bowls of “Honey buzzers” equal to eating HoneyComb cereal. sigh…
I tested her with my meter. She was 59.
For lunch she is eating 2 Ham & Cheese Sandwiches and an apple.
MeadowLark… feeling nervous. not sure where to put this post just yet…

I know your having trouble with the insurance thing now but I think I would take her to the DR just to be sure about what’s going on. Maybe her body’s making too much insulin. That’s about all I can say about it right now without more info. Sorry. Just feed her and then check her again in 2 hours maybe she’ll be doing fine then.

Calm down! It sounds like a normal hypoglycemic response to an overwhelming carbohydrate load!

Also, for children, I believe that normal blood sugars may be lower than adults. Just as in pregnancy a 70 is the TARGET blood sugar.

Use it as a teaching moment with your daughter and explain to her that eating too much starchy sugary stuff is going to make her feel like crud.

I’m assuming she’s not a diabetic… She might be hypoglycemic. People with hypoglycemia will overproduce insulin when they get a sudden surge of sugar. Their body also typically overproduces insulin throughout the day so that’s why they need to eat regularly.

Normal people do NOT have a drop to 59 mg/dl just because they ate a ton of sugar. They might feel crappy because of a jump and then a crash, but those are still within relatively normal blood sugar ranges. 59 mg/dl is not normal ever for a non-diabetic, so I’m assuming she’s hypoglyemic. Visit the doctor to get a proper diagnosis, though the treatment is really pretty basic: regular meals with complex carbohydrates and limit on the sugary stuff. Not really much else you can do besides that.

I’m gonna keep checking her numbers for today. At two hours after she was 127, then at 3 hours 95. She will be 8 in October and weighs 98 pounds and is 53 inches tall.
I guess I’m just being tripped because she said she was shaky before lunch. ugh…
I’ll check her til tomorrow and then take results to a Dr.
Thankyou all :slight_smile:

I am wondering what her BG numbers are just 30 minutes- one hour after eating. Sometimes the hypoglycemia can be a rebound after going high. In my experience, people don’t go more than about 30 points up and down, even after eating a lot of sugar/carbohydrates.