FREE A1C test at CVS Minute Clinics!

From May 9 to June 12

I need to get my A1C tested again in a few weeks and with no insurance to pay for blood tests I am looking into what I can do.

And my three month mark is actually up on June 13 (3 months I will be taking the Met). Do you think I can get it done on June 12 and it would be OK? Will one day off really matter with my results?

Wah! One day off - does it really matter? This free test would really help me out!

oh, i hope it will be ok! i have no idea…but saving money is always a good thing:)

One or two or three days or more doesn’t matter at all. It’s a 90 day average. Months have different number of days.

You should be fine. One day or even one or two weeks shouldn’t make a big difference in your overall diabetes care. The point is to have it done regularly.

The CVS offer is for as long as supplies last though. =/

Yeah! Thanks guys! I figured one day shouldn’t matter. I started my Met on March 13… So, yeah, I think I got two extra days in there because of March 31 and May 31. So that is definatey 90 days Thanks Gerri!

FHS, yes, I will call first to make sure. In fact, I will call the week ahead of time to check. :slight_smile:

Do I need to fast for the A1C? I fasted the first time because I was doing the fasting blood glucose test. They did a full blood panel on me that day too but it wasnt planned (me planned ahead). I read somewhere else you don’t have to fast for just the A1C. True?

I guessing I can take my meds as usual too.

I love free!! Weehhh!

A1c is not a fasting test. Yes, take your meds.

Most people’s blood cells live about 90 days, so that’s the 90 day part. Some live longer, some live shorter. It doesn’t matter if it was even a week later or earlier. Mine are never exactly 90 days to the day.

John S. on here told me about it. He said he saw the sign in the window at CVS - so I will be thanking him!

I don’t live right near a CVS so I wouldn’t even have known about it otherwise! :slight_smile: