Free A1C Test

Just got this flyer from work... It states that

CVS will be conducting Free A1C Test for those with diabetis from the 25th of October to the 25th of November

Not available in Mass, Marylab, Nevada and Penn.

Figured i'd post it if someone is interested.

Hey, you need to call the Pharmacy (by you) to check. I called and the one by me in Auburn Hills and they have it. Sorry i can’t be of more help.

These free A1C’s around WDD are not meant specifically for PWDs, but as screening for people who have not been diagnosed with diabetes, but are curious or concerned. When I did one at Walgreen’s last year they were a bit bemused by my announcement I was a Type 1 diabetic. They are open to anyone, so we can all take advantage of it, but the good thing is that some people who wouldn’t otherwise get tested will get a heads up about their blood sugar. So encourage your spouses, friends, etc. to take advantage of it and get themselves screened.

Walgreens was doing the same last weekend. They would test your glucose then IF it was high (whatever they deamed high) then they would do the A1c. *I didn’t care for that method since many people could easily think they were ok just because they hadn’t eaten in a while.
I got them to do both since they were not busy - I did tell them I was diabetic. But that doesn’t seem like that would have been the norm.

The flyer i got states "Free A1c test for those with Diabetis"
Guess they will try to promote some new medication/tester etc.
Either way, its a free test. A while back i didn’t have good insurance and i’ve done this.

As for the walgreens test, that is a awesome opportunity for everyone to get tested. Never hurts to know right

David had posted this over in the Free Stuff group with a link its HERE. I went down as I dont have time to see the endo right now and wanted an A1C. I was hoping they would use the Bayer lab machine, but its just an A1C Now. Still its a free A1C.

See my post below for the link.