Free Babysitter or Host Me

I’m interested in traveling (really in riding the busses and trains) and meeting people and more than willing to do some babysitting.
I’m an education major, will be student teaching (high school math) in the fall of 2009, but I will have taken all required classes by March, so I’m taking the spring quarter off.
If you’re in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, or that general area, you’re probably close enough. Travel prices are dropping. I will pay my own travel prices, bring most of my own food, can bring my own bedding if necessary, and would like to stay for 2-10 days. You provide a roof, and transportation from the nearest public transportation to your house.
I can babysit, shovel snow, do some housework, etc
I think I would make an excellent babysitter for a kid with diabetes (though so far I’ve only babysat one), but have no problems with babysitting euglycemic kids.