FREE Celiac (gluten intolerence) Testing Oct 10th at University of Chicago

Just a reminder for those of you who live in Chicago or can make the trek:) They offer these free screenings every fall (500 people tested last year). I would love to go…, but too far and other obligations. Here is a link to the info.…you need to call their 1-800 to do a screening interview. As you know, T1 is a risk factor for Celiac as are a number of other autoimmune diseases. I thought it would be great to have a Tu Meetup in Chicago for the Celiac screening…maybe someone there can coordinate something?

I’m interested!

They are using the most accurate blood test provided by the primary US lab for this type of genetic testing. I saw the lab (Promethius) is offering mail in cheek swab test for $329. I still think a weekend in Chicago is a better idea:)

PS: sorry…I said the phone number was a 1-800…it’s not.

I signed up yesterday by phone, it took 5 minutes. They’re going to have information booths and a presentation about celiac after the blood tests.

Great:) I am still thinking about making the trek! If I do…we will have to meetup for a cup of coffee or something! Glad you could do it.