Free insulin?

thanks for your help, jenny!

oh cathy! i’m so sorry to hear about not qualifying for state health funds. i totally hear your frustration and know what it’s like to be frustrated. it SUCKS!

wow, thank you for your help, guys! it’s funny, i thought i was the only one who didn’t have health insurance. lol, lame, right? but it’s nice to see and hear the many different options. i’ll be sure and let you know what i end up doing. i am very blessed to be part american indian and am able to take advantage of the benefits of the indian health care system. YAY! (my dad had to remind me of this one.)

i take a crap load of insulin compared to ya’ll! i’m averaging like 100u/day…on a pump. 2.8u/hour granted i don’t exercise or pay even remotely close attention to my diet! (i’m bad. and i’m thankful for this community to help encourage me.) i KNOW if i exercised and made healthy choices i wouldn’t need so much insulin.

welp, i’ll let ya’ll know where i get my very needed novolog insulin!! =) thanks again, a lot.


If you are a type 1 using that much insulin you should also ask about getting a prescription for Metformin which would lower your very obvious insulin resistance and make it so you need a lot less insulin.

Metformin is $4 a month at Walmart, Walgreeens, etc. The ER form is easiest on your body.

If you could start metformin you might head off heart disease when you get older. There is some very compelling evidence that it cuts it dramatically.

I saw that you are on the pump-- so just wanted to make sure that you know about They help people who cannot afford their supplies.

Best wishes!

A lot of the manufacturers have assistance programs. I have one through Lilly for Humalog and another through the makers of Lantus. Both I get a 3 month supply for nothing at all. Though it takes awhile to get it going. If yoiu go to either the manufacturers website or to and choose the medications that you need it will give you places that can help.

Hey Guys and Gals:

Just an update on what went down with my insulin troubles. =)

I ended up going to walmart and getting the reli-on Novolin R insulin. My previous doc with Kaiser said I can do that, but that the reaction time with “R” is slower then Novolog. I’ve planned on going ultra-low carb until I can get my Novolog back. I’ve applied for the patient assistance program with Norvo Nordisk (maker of Novolog). I think I’ll be alright! I’m a bit nervous with how the new insulin will work out, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

As far as the job situation goes…I’ve been unemployed for a MONTH now! I’m a catch, too! =) I have an interview tomorrow, so think good thoughts, say a prayer, or send me good vibes, whatever! I’ve interviewed 4 other times and haven’t been selected for all. Grrrrrr. I don’t get it. But I’m being patient and waiting, and thankful for God providing me my betes!

Thank you sooooo much for all of your input, friends! I can’t tell you how comforting it was to hear back from so many of you!


Hi Katherine,

Good luck on your interview. Remember to get in a positive frame of mind before you walk in. If you have negative thoughts they can come through in your interview. If you believe that you are the person for the position and you can make them believe it too, you have a much better chance of getting the job!

I wish i knew, my son is in the hospital right now, when he comes home we have no insulin. WHAT in the world can i do ?

Is your son newly dx’d? if you have a script you should be able to go to any pharmacy to have the script filled


call you local welfare office first thing Monday. In Indiana they have programs to folks such as your self. Please call there is no shame in seeking help. If that dose nto help immediately call your doctors office. Often times they will know free clinics with insulin in the area.

Let us know hwo this turns out.


Seriously. It’s a horrible economy and an even worse job market right now. You have worked in the past and paid money towards social safety net programs that benefited others. Now is the time for you to make a withdrawal. There is NO shame in taking advantage of a system that is designed to help you and that you have funded with your own money in the past.

The only thing I can think of is to tell you that they sell Regular insulin at Wal-mart for about 20.00. No prescription needed. Check with you MD to see if you can use this instead it’s onset is about 30min instead of 5-10 with Lispro. Other than that you can call a local hospital and talk to a social worker and see if they have any resource info to give you. call the local health dept too. Good luck, Denise

My doctor gives free “samples” of insulin, He just gave me 2 bottles of Levemir a few days ago. Can you call a doctor and explain the situation? Maybe they can help???

I know that not all doctor’s get samples anymore. My primary care physicans office doesn’t get samples like my ex-psych doctor’s office did.

You can buy Humalog/Novolog through Canada much cheaper then in the US. I buy in bulk of 10 vials at a time and it cost me about $335 or around there shipped.

Emmy , are you not covered under the Ontario Trillium Drug program or…?
and on the side …have you applied for the DTC ?