Free IV 3000 Transparent Dressings

Hi Everyone!

I'm back with some more free supplies! :-)

I have about 15 IV 3000 transparent dressings. Great for CGM users out there!

I also have about a bazillion lancets that I don't need.

Please let me know if you are interested in either!


Hi, I'll be getting a GCM in a few weeks. I've got a billion lancets too LOL but are the dressings things I'll need? Free is an aces price.

Yes, you will definitely want some dressings. If you are getting the Medtronic CGM you can't live without them and if you are getting the Dexcom you will can them for when the adhesive starts to peel a little. I wore the Medtronic for a week before throwing in the towel and switching to Dexcom. So glad I did. Very little pain whatsoever and I love that I get 2-3 weeks out of each one. Let me know if you would like the IV3000's. You can email me at