Free Online Diabetes and Eating Disorder Program Available

Are you struggling with an eating disorder and diabetes? This first of its kind free online recovery program might be a fit for you. Just a few days remain to register to participate. Today is the day.


The T1ED intervention is a 6 month project that includes an programme delivered online by Health Care Professionals (HCP) and the researcher to those who identify as having an Eating Disorder and Type 1 Diabetes. The intervention takes the form of 2 hourly sessions twice a week over an anonymous group text chat with specialistsin various areas of diabetes, social and psychological/psychiatric care that have been identified as important in the development and maintenance of Eating Disorders (including insulin omission) by those with T1D. It is the main aim of the T1ED intervention to improve health outcomes, psychological issues and social functioning. Specialists may include for example

· Diabetes Consultants

· Specialist Nurses

· Clinical Psychologists

· Psychiatrists

You will remain anonymous for the duration of the study, every time that you log in to the website for a session you will be given a new randomly generated user number and we use a chat programme (like facebook messenger or google talk) to facilitate a group chat between you, other participants, the researcher and the HCP. The clinicians involved will also remain anonymous, you will be told their specialism so that you can ask appropriate questions. Every session will have a different theme based on what you told us via the PA1D study was important to the development and maintenance of your ED (including insulin omission). It is the aim of the T1ED project that by anonymously discussing these aspects with specialists in an online group environment we can help you understand your condition better and support your recovery. During this time you will carry on with Treatment as Usual for your T1D.
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