Free Pockets

I have a pancreas in my pocket.
You might think that it's rare.
But there are others like me
Who really don't find it fair
To be judged and insulted
By misconceptions and lies.
Do you know what Type 1 is?
Do you know lows vs. highs?

A low's like a dementor.
The world's slow and aches.
My body stops functioning,
And sugar's what it takes
To save me from low's kiss.
Chocolate isn't ideal,
But I use it sometimes
To make magic seem real.

A high is like sickness,
Except ten times worse.
It's like I am stuck in a desert
And am dying of thirst.
My eyes get all blurry,
And if maintained for too long,
I get ketones and comas
And future health gone all wrong.

Even though they are different,
The stress is the same.
Imagine daily life with
This disease you can't tame.
Because it's not just about food,
As some people assume.
My blood sugar fluctuates
With stress, work, and mood.

And this isn't my fault!
And I can eat just like you,
So please don't attack me
Because I like chocolate too.
It sucks having to worry about
Whatever I eat,
But it gets even worse
When I'm denied every treat.

I know some mean well,
But it gets really old.
The advice on my diet,
Do I have to be told
What I am allowed
When it's my body's disease?
I know what I'm doing,
So let me decide please.

Through this one poem,
I've tried to explain,
But if you forget,
Just try to refrain
From judging us all,
We aren't too different from you.
And hopefully someday,
We'll have free pockets too.

-Diabatic (McKenzie McManus Horner)
Illustrated version: