Free Software, Cable, Strips and Meter

Free offer I just found on another website… FYI only.
Nova Max® Blood Glucose Monitor patients, now you can track your blood glucose results and share them with your Diabetes Team! To take advantage of this special MyCareTeam™ offer:

Open any internet browser and go to .
Click on ENROLL NOW, fill blanks. All information will be kept confidential.
Group Code: NOVAMAX08.
Click on Continue.
Next page, ACCEPT the Terms & Conditions.
Next page, click on I NEED A CABLE (if applicable) and select the one for your Nova Max monitor.
Last page, complete and press CONTI NUE. To sign up for Google Health™, go to . MyCareTeam™ is a Google Health™ integrated service.
the instructions are the website to get the meter:
Step 1: Please complete the following information below and click the Submit button.

Step 2: A new window will open with your voucher for a FREE Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitoring system.(Make sure to deactivate any pop-up blockers, as this offer requires a pop-up window).

Step 3: Print the voucher and take both your new prescription for the Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitoring
system and this voucher to your pharmacist. Don’t forget, you may also ask your physician to call your prescription in and pick it up there.

Note: This offer is limited to one voucher per patient.