Free trial?

Hi e eryone -

I am using a minimed pump (722), and would really like to try the dxvom, despite having the extra receiver to carry around. Here s my question: my doctors office is heavily geared toward medtronics, and the dexcom rep has not had any visits there. When I spoke to a dexcom person about trying the unit fora few weeks, they seem to say it needed t be done through your doctors office (not the insurance, but the visit), and I needed to work with them to get dexcom in the door.

Has anyone here worked with dexcom one-on-one to do a trial?

And generally, he do people with medtronics pumps feel about the trade off of having the extra unit, but more accuracy then the mnimed cgms? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


My understanding may be wrong, but I think the way trials are done are through the doctor’s office if they have purchased, or I guess been provided, a device for that purpose. Caleb’s office had no “trial” devices and when I contacted Abbot and DexCom (we weren’t considering MM) they said they do not do trials directly. The only way to “trial” was to be approved by insurance and purchase the device and use the first 30 days to decide. If we didn’t like it, it could be returned for a refund.

That’s what we ended up doing. In that case, however, I felt like I was committed and did as much research in advance as possible to steer me toward one device over another. It was more a trial of CGM and not really comparing devices which was what I was looking for.

I had the exact same situation with my endo. She had never approved a Dexcom before. She approved a Minimed sensor to be used with my 522 pump, but I had requested the Dexcom. I was being forced to use the Minimed. The Liberty company sends me my diabetic supplies. I called them and told them what had happened. They told me I could return the Minimed CGM and sensors and receive the Dexcom if my endo approved. I called the endo’s office and told her office personnel what I wanted. They called me the next day and said it was approved. I was surprised!!! Durin my next visit to my endo she was not very friendly, but she did ask me how it was working out. I told het my Dexcom was great and that I had joined an online Dexcom user’s group with over 400 memnbers (Jan, 2010). I also told her that the Minimed CGM had received much negative publicity. She gave me a funny look and that was it for that office visit. I am glad my endo and I are getting along just fine now!

I did get a trial with my endo. The CDE in the endo office contacted the Dexcom rep. A few days later, I got a box in the mail after completing all of the paper work to purchase thru insurance and putting down a $1600 credit card “authorization” - saw my limit go down but transaction never posted, so it went away.

Kept the loaner for two weeks - was on vacation part of the time. Unit worked great. Returned it and 6 weeks later had my own system. I had researched Dexcom and MM. 5 of 5 MM sensors failed in endos office when they were demonstrating the MM CGM system.

My outcome may have been due to my being quite political and clear spoken about my wishes.

I’ve used both the Dex and MM CGMS. The Dex is worth carrying the extra unit for, in my humble opinion. Something to think about is that with the integrated pump and cgms, it is quite hard to hear the alarms at night because they are under your covers or you’ve rolled over onto the pump. Can you do a MM cgms trial before buying it? That might help you, if you love it you can keep it or move onto the Dex knowing there is a 30 day return policy.

Thanks for all of the feedback - I am definitely going to push to get a Dexcom rep into the office - and would like to try both (minimed and dexcom) before making a decision, but if I am able to get approval for the dexcom first, may stick with that…

Are there many dexcom users out there with Minimed pumps? And would you switch to the animas if they are able to get fds approval for a dexcom/animas communication thingy?

It’s getting harder and harder to get trials from the companies these days at least around here it is. The only trials I’ve been aware of lately have been through endo owned equipment for both Dexcom and Minimed CGMS. What I’ve been hearing is that both Dex and Minimed say that they don’t do trials anymore because they offer a 30 day return policy for the transmitter and receivers. Sensors are non-refundable.

I used to use Minimed pump and CGMS but changed last spring to Animas and Dexcom. So I do have somewhat recent experience with all systems you’re looking at. What specifically would you like to know? Carrying two devices is a non issue for me and surprisingly enough I actually find I like it much better than having everything only on the pump. It’s more accessible so I’m more likely to look at it and respond than I am when my pump is safely tucked away under my clothes or in my bra.

Whether I upgrade to integrated Animas/Dexcom pump will depend on whether it works with the PIng. I love that thing and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It will be nice to have all of the data integrated into one software report. Although what I’m finding works pretty well in the interim is to try and remember to use the events on the Dexcom. It has to be manually done but if I enter carbs, boluses, and exercise on there you can view all of that data on your computer. It does not show up in Dexcom’s printed reports which is a negative. On the computer screen you can mouse over the little icon for food or insulin and the amount will be displayed.

I have seen people carrying the Dex with a MM pump, so I know there are some out there. If we were to switch back to the MM Revel, we would use the Dex along with it.

I got my Dexcom based soley on recommendations I got here on Tu Diabetes! Thanks to all I made the right decision. My ENDO had never had any of her patients use a Dexcom, nor had a sales rep ever visited her office (this is a very busy practice). I took my laptop in after having Dex for about 4 month and showed her the reports that are possible. She’s hooked and prescribing it on those patients who are ready for it.

I tried to get free trial of Dex thru MD’s office, didn’t happen (they tried though, give them credit). But they did go ahead and send in insurance paperwork, I was contacted by Edgepark Medical - checked them out before saying yes to their offer with my ins. co, MD, etc to make sure they were good. 30 day guaranteed return policy. Day began when they shipped the unit out, not when I received it - so about 3 days I received, credit card payment for my portion, 4 sensors I had to pay for (Insurance) would not be refunded if not used. What I was told is in the 30 day period, they/Dex/trainer/rep will work with you to try to solve any problem, but if you hate/don’t want - full refund of both your out of pocket and insurance compant refunded also. I had sensor in the day I received unit, no training (used MM before) other than book and Dex videos. Used a week, pulled sensor 1 at 7 days, in went sensor 2. Used a week, 7 days done, in went sensor 3. By this time I was pretty hooked, so then I began to learn how to restart to get longer life. So may be a “solution” to not being able to trial - if the medical company that will supply you is on your insurance list of providers.
Re: MM pumper and Dex - just carry two things now. No biggie. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if no one incorporates the Dex into a pump - the accuracy has been awesome compared to MM for me. Good luck!