Free, unlocked articles

Anybody notice that almost everything here is unlocked?
They are doing us a solid. Yea for DTS! They are trying to help us.


Nice find @mohe0001!


Awesome! Great find!

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DTS -> (Journal of) Diabetes Science and Technology. (Or is it DST?)

Either way, @mohe0001 Thanks !!

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Not sure, @MM1. I guess I was going for ‘Diabetes Technology Society,’ but might have mis-abbreviated.

DST is better because it sounds less like the DTs abbreviation for delerium tremors, right? Was that you who brought that up last time? I can’t recall. Its a good point. Glad to know I have abbreviation options.

The videos from the conference speakers are posted, but its a little confusing how to access:

1.) Click the blue button
2.) Click the red links to the videos.

Thanks! I get frustrated when I open a good article and then after the first paragraph I have to pay or I can’t access. Thank you!

I love your new photo, @El_Ver. How you doing in your side of town? Everything ok? The news makes it sound terrible.

Things are toasty. Wanna s’more?

Hahahahahahaha, your awful.

In retrospect, that was probably in poor taste. People are beginning to have mental health issues here with all the smoke oddly enough.

Blame the fumes.

You nailed it…always in the hotseat for something I said, lol!! (oh, and the fires too)

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