Freestyle call back -

is everyone sure the freestyle test strips no longer work with the omnipod?

i haven't noticed real problems. and i've even tested twice at the same time - using a freestyle lite meter and there wasn't much difference in the 2 readings!


well I've been using them and haven't had a problem either. Is this supposed to be a permanent thing? Like they are coming up with new strips? or are they fixing the problem?

There were plenty of posts about this problem on this forum going back 2 years. A lot of people compensated for the problem with a code setting of 17 or 18.

I have tested on a freestyle meter and my emergency omnipod and I didn't see much difference either but I did change to 17. I find it very confusing as to what to do and we are traveling outside of our home state for the winter and I just don't have access to my doctor other than by phone or fax so it is very stressful to know what to do. I'm just continuing with what I have. Diabetes is tough enough without this added stree. My numbers have never been very good so it is troubling.

The way I read all of this is that the Freestyle folks finally got called out on the problems their strips have with the Omnipod meter all this time. So, from a push from the FDA (and/or other sources) they recalled the older strips and have released a new strip that reported reads closer to what it should. Might be wrong on that, but it sure seems that way.

I use the lite strips, which I know aren't supposed to work, but they work close enough for me. Now, though, I'm on a CGM (Everyone should be IMHO! Seriously great control!) so the strips really don't mean much to me any more. I only test twice a day now to calibrate the CGM, and use a Freestyle meter rather than the Omnipod.

You are really lucky that you can use the CGM. Those of us on Medicare are totally ignored. Medicare won't cover Omnipod pods or the CGM and supplies. I live on social security and just can't afford the high prices for both. Maybe someday they will stop penalizing Diabetic patients of all ages. Really gets me mad,