Freestyle - changes ahead

For those of you wondering about the future of your freestyle meters and strips…

I spoke with three different representatives with Abbott Customer Care today. Jermaine in Data Management was very helpful. Christopher, from the Navigator team, even more so.

Here is a summary of what I learned:

Is the Freestyle Flash being phased out?
Answer: Yes.

Will there be any more meters that use the traditional Freestyle strips?
Answer: No. There is no plan for the production of any more of the coded meters.

Will traditional coded Freestyle Strips be phased out?
Answer: There is no immediate plan to phase them out because of products in use that require these strips. They should still be available for several years.

What does that mean for the systems like the CozMonitor with the Cozmo pump that use the older strips?
Answer: You’ll have to speak with Smiths Medical about the CozMonitor, but if upgrades are available in the future, they will likely contact you.

What does that mean for the Freestyle Navigator? Will I need a separate script for a back-up meter and strips or will the Navigator be compatible with the new Freestyle Lite strips? Are there plans for future non-coded Navigators?
Answer: While Freestyle Lites came to market before the Navigator was released, the Navigator actually predates them and took longer to go through FDA approval processes. The Lite technology was not available yet. They promise that all Navigator customers will have access to back-up meters that take the traditional coded strips and that this should not be a reason to hold off on purchasing a Navigator if you are considering one.

Is the Freestyle Lite updated technology?
Answer: Not the meter itself. The meter technology is the same. The resources they use to create the test strips are different. The elimination of coding is targeted especially for patients who are more prone to have accuracy errors due to incorrect coding.

I hope this helps answer some of our community’s concerns about the Freestyle Flash. I’ve always like Abbott’s meters and strips and am looking forward to a Navigator. Still, none of us likes to throw down a lot of money and then find out they should have waited. Your thoughts?

Thanks for sharing!!

wait… this makes me nervous.

I started with a cheap-■■■ freestyle- I don’ t even know the right name. It was huge and after about 1 year stopped functioning so well, so my endo just gave me a new one- a freestyle freedom. I’ve been using this one now for about a year, too. I like it.

What does this mean for my meter? It still uses coded strips- will they phase this out, too?

Is the navigator going to be a pump/meter combo like the Cozmonitor?

Do I need to get a new meter? Yikes!

Freestyle Freedom, unless it’s a Freedom Lite, will be phased out. But the strips will not be. So you’re okay. They just won’t be making any more Freedoms. The strips will go away in a few years, likely.

Navigator is not a pump combo. Just a glucometer/CGMS combo right now.