Freestyle Guardian CGMS Approved

The ADA has finally approved the Freestyle Guardian CGMS.

I am new to this group and saw this post. Anyone used this in the trials? Little concerned about not being able to get readings for 10 hours after you put it on… Did I read that correctly?

A little mixup here: it is the Freestyle Navigator (Abbott) as opposed to the already available Guardian RT ( Minimed/Medtronic).

The 10 hour run-in is just a precaution, will be shortened to 8 hours probably very soon. Abbott claims that although the competition is up and running quicker it has problems with reliability for the first few hours after sensor insertion. My advice: just hammer in the sensor before you go to bed, let it wake you next morning with a calibration alert, do one more after 2 hours and off you go. You “loose” a night of monitoring, so what? More irritating is that upon restarting you require this full 10 hours again, I guess the Minimed is a bit more forgiving on that (from what I read: restart the sensor and it is instantly running again).