Freestyle horrible customer service

Apologies for the rant. I just got off the phone with Freestyle’s customer service with the goal of requesting a replacement sensor. Needless to say that goal wasn’t achieved. On the good side, I haven’t had to call them to report a defective sensor in over two years. When I called, after about 30min on hold, I finally got to talk to a person. They asked me tons of questions, had me look at the logbook etc and finally asked me to check my sugar using Freestyle Neo strips. The only way they say they will send me a replacement sensor is if I test my sugar with a Freestyle Neo strip as the competitor strips (One Touch Ultra in my case) are not considered valid data. I didn’t have any Neo strips at hand so didn’t get a replacement for a sensor that is consistently showing 30-40 points below the meter. All this time, I’ve been using the “competitor’s” meter to say the sensor is working fine but using it to say the sensor isn’t working well isn’t allowed. I’m pretty annoyed not only because of a bad sensor but also because my insurance isn’t great so I end up paying a lot for each sensor. Has anyone else had the same issue with Freestyle customer service?

Never had a problem getting a replacement sensor. Got the last on maybe 4 months ago - usually a few questions and that’s it. Something must have changed. Having to test with Neo strips is insane. I would call back and try again. I am no fan of one touch but Neo is certainly not any better.

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Hi @Tony24. Thank you for your response. I wasn’t planning on calling them back but knowing what you said, I will give it another shot. The experience wouldn’t have been half as annoying if they hadn’t spent 20 min asking questions before getting to the Neo strips part.

Years and years ago, I purposely bought a box because of that issue. But I have to say it really depends on the person you talk too. I had a few people there I just wouldn’t talk to, I actually would hang up if they were the ones that answered my call. There was a major difference in reps there.

The next time you call, tell them the sensor fell off in _days…if its 7 or 13, it doesn’t matter, they’ll send one…I’ve had about 7 replacements give or take, and only had to send back one. I did notice any nsaids will give a false low reading… especially naproxen sodium and ibuprofen. I think they altered the sensor for Tylenol or acetaminophen, which normally gives false High readings, and now it does not…the neo strips is probably a new thing they are trying to push…why else would anyone buy neo which uses twice as much blood as lite

Thanks for the tips @Marie20 and @roger5. I’ve been too busy to call again but I’ll try this week and see how that goes.

Update: I called them back and spoke with a different person this time. She went through the same questions as the first person. It sounded like she had a form with questions that she was going through and adding in my responses. The final output was whatever the system told her and I’m glad it was a replacement :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone!

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