Freestyle Libre Europe VS Freestyle Libre KSA

Hi I’m Mohammed Saba from Egypt
My lovely daughter princess Sarah Diabetic type one
For here :
I bought a freestyle Reader + 4 sensor form Saudi Arabia Kingdom
And I start to use it

After 44 days , a college went to France , Paris
And bring to me 7 sensors ,
The surprise is
1-The French sensors not able to reading by KSA reader ?!?!?!?!?!?!
2- All sensors are made in Ireland and no any sign abut READER compatibility.
3- All READER are made in China and no any sign abut SENSORS compatibility.
4- A huge reading different between French READER , KSA READER and a blood sample as shown in attached photo.

I hope the ABBOTT company put any signs abut compatibility on READER package and on Sensors package
And an explanation about different reading between French and KSA READER.
THE French READER are more accuracy than KSA READER , we take 4 blood sample every day to calibrate reading and monitoring the READER behavior. Because it’s about Sarah healthy life.

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