Freestyle Libre Failures


I’m so glad you got sorted out and are doing better, Marie! Great news about you finding doctors that are a fit as well. Your experience definitely gives me hope. :slight_smile:


Hey again, just wanted to share what Abbott said about the sensor failing. We basically covered all the conditions that one would expect; namely things that may loosen a sensor from your arm which didn’t apply to these failures as both were firmly attached the entire time worn.

Other things that were discussed included the error log a sensor kicks out that can be accessed via the reader. Since this was last Summer and this was a Libre Pro, I never had access to the reader error data that is long gone by now (this would have been interesting to see out of curiosity).

When I threw out some scatter shot ideas that might have caused an intermittent failure the rep seemed to latch onto dehydration a bit (point for Terry!) and that makes the most sense I believe.

The first unit didn’t work at all for the first week (likely incorrect placement) but then kicked out roughly a week of intermittent data at the end of its life (likely caused by dehydration).

The second unit that was placed correctly and returned intermittent data for the entire duration worn (likely dehydration). This still could merely be a faulty batch of sensors though I suppose.

I’m going to try another with my next doctor and make sure I drink a ton of water to see if there is a different result. The more I read on these devices the more I like them though and it’s nice to see so many here benefit by such advances.


Thanks for replying to me M Ray. I am sorry he has been so crappy to you. On the bright side, you just might end up finding a fantastic doctor that will actually help you and had this guy not forced you to find a new doc, you may never have done that. I hope that is the case.

My endo retired a few months ago and it kind of bummed me out. Then I had an appointment with an internal medicine doc thinking if he was at all up on diabetes I would have him be both my primary care doc and write my scripts for diabetes stuff. Turned out not only is he up on all things diabetes, but he is way better than my endo was. I was wanting to get the Libre, and thought, this can kind of be a test for him as I will be really impressed if he knows what it is. Well, he not only knew what it was, but he was all over it, thinks it is a fantastic thing for me to use and put one in my hand within minutes of me asking about it. Actually, one of the first things he asked me is if I wanted any new toys for my diabetes management, lol. That is how I brought it up.

Anywho, point being, had my doc not forced a change by retiring, I may never have ended up with such a fantastic doc. I hope the same thing happens for you.

Btw, I think it would probably benefit you big time to give the Libre another try, especially in proving that dawn phen. I think it would be worth the effort of trying again but don’t do the pro version, now that the regular one is out, just get it. Use Skin Tac under it and a patch or tape over it and give it another shot. Even if the numbers are not that accurate, the trends are and they are very helpful.

You might also want to join the Facebook Libre groups, the main one is mostly for those in other countries it seems, but they have one for those in the US (not sure where you are) and the people in those groups might have some better ideas as to what happened and how to avoid it from happening again.

Please keep us posted here on how things work out for you. Good luck


Thanks to you and everyone else who replied as well, Stang. This one really got to me and the advice and stories of other peoples experiences have definitely helped me get my head back on straight(er). I appreciate all the time each of you has generously shared on this matter greatly and I will update as things play out in hopes of helping others. Best to everyone one of you. :slight_smile:


Hi there, wanted to share my own experiences with FreeStyle Libre–although not the Pro version. I have been wearing it for two years now. Early on I had a 2 sensors fall off due to placement and last October I had 2 sensors come off or fail to work. One was after a super hot day and a super sweaty yoga class. Intermittently the number it reads is way off, BUT, overall it has been very reliable and accurate and 4 sensors over two years isn’t too bad, in my opinion.

I do place my sensor on the inside of my arm, versus outside or the back and I’m very happy with that placement. (It came off early on because I would catch it on things like towels and backpack straps.)

Another pointer, I use Tresiba at night for my long-acting insulin (take it around 10-11pm) and it has vastly reduced my dawn phenomenon, in face it basically suppresses the reaction and I am very happy with it.

Good luck.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the Libre, Larissa. I’ll definitly be trying another round of sensors at some point and I will keep what you mentioned about placement in mind.

I’m pretty happy with Lantus right now as well but if I do decide to move to another base insulin I’ll research Tresiba a bit. Lantus seems to perform as stated for me in regards to how long it is supposed to work. Even the time when one dose is waning and another is getting into my system is pretty smooth and without issue.

My issue is with glycogenolysis and my liver I believe and not my basal insulin. It doesn’t do it when I sleep like most people (but certainly not all) and is triggered after I get up and move around a bit. Some days three units of humalog covers the spike but others the spike doesn’t occur and I have low blood sugars from taking the 3 units. It’s somewhat maddening. I also have hypothyroidism and my adrenals my also be suspect but I’ve yet to figure out how everything fits together.

Thanks again and I will keep your suggestions in mind in the future. :slight_smile:


My Libre says 89, while the verio flex says 157,who’s correct?


I trust my meter, and IF I didn’t, on a particular test, I simply test again. Once in a blue moon I’ll get a far different reading. I trust my Dexcom so much I hardly test any more.


I use verio IQ and dexcom. When I see large differences, I do one or more BG tests, after a good hand cleaning. I also have 2 verio meters, and a contour next, so if I don’t see closer readings, I will check with one of them. However, because one is testing blood and the other is testing tissue fluid glucose, the Libre may lag behind if your BG is rising quickly.

How long since you started the Libre sensor? I did a trial and found meter and Libre got closer after the first day.


Exactly. ANY CGM is going to lag when bg’s are changing quickly. Otherwise, an accurate CGM system will report numbers similar to finger stick readings.


I do the same thing. I’d like to say that I thoroughly wash and dry my hands before every fingerstick check, but I don’t. When I’m faced with a CGM/meter discrepancy, I also consider insulin on board, carbs on board, and recent blood glucose trends. I will do a second or even a third fingerstick, especially if I’m going to use the meter number to add insulin or carbs.

I know I’m not using the LIbre but I think similar thinking is involved with any sensor versus meter large disagreement.


Have you done additional meter BG results with closer readings ?
Have you tested when it’s just before meals, where you would expect to be level and likely closer readings ?


About my use of the FreeStyle Libre. The first two worked great but then
the third sensor was way off a reading so I called and they are sending a replacement. But then the 4th sensor was off 39 points and they are saying it’s working fine and they won’t replace it. I should call my doctor and ask them what to do.

So we will take them back to Walgreens and see if they take them back. If not we will be charging them back as they are not working!!!

But don’t buy them, I’m sorry to say and the company is not helpful.


Thanks for the update, Marie. Sorry to hear the sensors failed for you as well. Would this potentially be an example of “lag” since the Libre reads the sugar in the interstitial fluid? Were checking it when your sugars were rising rapidly or falling quickly? If the lag is pervasive this would also likely be a deal breaker for me or I would test manually quit a bit in addition. I’ve still got 2 months before I go to my new Endo but I will report back my experience with the Libre when I go as well since I also had major issues. Hope you find something that works for you soon and post back if you do. Best to you. :slight_smile:


I had my last Freestyle Libre sensor fail on me. Mostly reading lower but sometimes reading higher. It was the sixth sensor that I had used so I know they normally work so much better than that one did. I got customer service to replace it but only after speaking to a supervisor and explaining that I was having to test my BG’s 8 or more times per day (and in the US it is approved to replace most finger stick testing) and that I felt the sensor was defective and since they normally work so well for me they agreed to send me a new one.
The sensor I have on right now is working fine so I am still satisfied with this company, although it seems that there is some kind of quality control issue if so many people are having this same issue on some sensors but not on others.
Do any of you guys remember which code was on the sensor applicators that failed? All of the other sensors that I have used were H82 and the bad sensor was H47. I think that had something to do with it.


39 points isnt really that much if the lag time is being considered is it?


The few times my G5 is off by anywhere near 39 points, is a big deal to me. Fortunately, that rarely happens. If my bg’s are moving excessively fast, then of course there will be some lag, but there are times when it moves fast and the G5 is barely behind.

And “yes”, I know you are referring to the Libre.


This is a good point. I also noticed when I tried Libre, that sensors that worked good were from a similar batch based on their serial numbers and the ones that didn’t work were from a different batch.


The first two were great.I tested by fingerstick and then by the reader 10 and 15 minutes after. The first two sensors were within 5 to 10 points.

Then the third one, I noticed when I first was able to use it it seemed to be 20-30 points off. By the 5th day I didn’t feel good and tested to see if it was my BG. The reader said I was 251, 256, 255. I then got suspicious and used a fingerstick and I was 325, Now 325 doesn’t ever bother me so that is not why I wasn’t feeling good. But eye opening how much the meter was off!

So I took it off and applied another one. This one turned out to be 40 points off at the beginning , but I know they can get better after a day. But the next day it still was testing 30-40 points different. I got their test strips per their recommendation to test their strips BG reading against a scan reading, After ten minutes it was 34 points different and 15 minutes it was 39 points off and that is documented on their reader. This is with a horizontal arrow, so no quick changes happening. But sometimes it is accurate so I can’t count on it reading off a certain amount all the time either?

They replaced the first one but refuse to replace the second even admitting that was not in an acceptable range. (the first person said it needed to be within 20 points and the next said within 30 points to be acceptable) and they told me I need to contact the Doctor about what I should do, so I am going to see if the pharmacy will exchange the second defective one and if not I am charging back the whole system and I’ll find out what happens then!


Freestyle’s policy is 20% off so if your BG is 80 and the Libre is reading 120 then that is more than 20% but if your BG is high then the Libre could be 75 points or so off before they have to replace it.
For me I just didn’t give up or let them out of it even though they didn’t want to replace it. I basically forced them to give me better customer service and this is a issue I have seen with many diabetic companies where they are more worried about the bottom line than customer satisfaction. We the consumer need to make these companies understand that their reputations are on the line if they don’t provide a good product and good customer service when something goes wrong.
The best customer service I’ve ever had with a diabetes company is Mannkind which has honestly been pretty phenomenal for me, from making sure that their medicine was working well for me to contacting pharmacies for me to get my prescriptions taken care of. If other diabetes companies modeled their customer service off of Mannkinds then I’m sure we would all be happier.