Freestyle Libre Failures


thank goodness that Medtronic is good at replacing sensors (unless you get one of the more disagreeable techs) and because I’ve had such good luck with Dexcom sensors, I’ve only requested one replacement on day 2 or 3 of the 1 week wear periods. So I haven’t much experience with their overall support helpfulness as I have with MM. MM Enlites bad; tech support much better than the product. :slight_smile:


149 BG 10 minutes scan 110
137 BG 10 minute scan 104 15 minute scan 105

And when I first got up testing on my reader it kept saying I was 59, 60 and my BG on my meter was saying I was 99, 100. I knew I wasn’t 60, because I feel it when I’m 60.

But they told me it was points not percent when I talked to them and they even acknowledged it was an unacceptable difference. But they weren’t going to replace it.


that would be very unacceptable to me, Marie.


That would be unacceptable to me as well @Marie20. If they say it is an unacceptable difference then they should replace it. This company is well established enough to take the hit of replacing a bad sensor even if you already had one replaced. Either their policy is bad or you are getting a rep. who is determined to get rid of you. Did you speak to a supervisor? If not I would call back and demand to be connected to someone who can actually help and explain that this sensor is completely unreliable and all the ways it has inconvenienced you so that they understand if you were to trust it it would put your life in danger.


I am fairly new to Libre was on G5. Now on my 6th sensor and pretty impressed by accuracy overall. My worst outage was 2.2mmoll/l which I think is about 40 in your language.

I do think that Libre were wrong to not allow re-calibrating although it did their share price a load of good and Dexcom’s a load of bad.

One solution is to spend $125 and get the Bluecon Nightrider and ignore their app and get the xdrip+ which was developed for people no satisfied with the Dexcom one or if you are ios…/iosxdripreader/…/master/README.mdYou then can watch you blood glucose on your phone in real time and re-calibrate every time you do a blood stick. I do it twice a day normally.

Notes of warning.
This is not FDA approved I do not think it even has a CE approval
The ambrosias company has zilch customer service but I have not needed any the transmitter works fine for me.

There is a facebook page for newbies and existing users

Finally it is a boon for carers as you can follow their blood sugars remotely via the web if you use Nightscout. Have a current computer problem so I cannot give link but will later if anyone interested.


Exactly - considering the finger stick can easily be off 15 percent


Actually isn’t it 20? I think they say any two meters or even the same one can be off 20 percent when compared side to side.


Depends on exactly what you mean.
There are the FDA standards for meters. Which have been revised.

And then there are the accuracy and reliability tests and studies that meter companies run and publish.

There actually is a big difference between meters. All meters/strips are not created equally. And IMHO it really has practically nothing to do with meter rather it is all about the strip.


Forget about side to side - any meter can be off 20 percent - I knew this - I was just being nice - you have to read the doc that comes with the strips for what ever strips you use

If you do two meters side by side and one is 20 low and the other 20 high - that’s 40


I was always told any blood glucose testing device is supposed to be a guide and nothing more. I still have to second guess every number no matter what meter I use. So for myself the Libre offers trending and that’s why I want to start using it! :slight_smile:


Really? Unless I have some sugary substance on my fingers (maybe a couple times a year I mess up and test with “contaminated” fingers), my meters (all Contour Next models, of which I have 3 different ones) give legit, repeatable results. Not like the old paper-strip meters, or the worst meter I ever used, the insanely inaccurate Precision meter (shaped like a credit card, but they also made one that looked like a pen). “Precision” was a misnomer, to be sure! I didn’t know my wife at the time of the Precision meter, but have spoken to her about it and she said that she also had that one and it was worthless also–in fact, I told the pharmacy it was downright dangerous, and got a full refund for that POS.


I’m using Roche right now as I started the My Sugr bundle plan. Had to drop out of the plan for now, but it was terrific. My HMO only covers One touch and after some 10 years on those, I finally feel at least the readings are more in line.


I used a bunch of Roche meters for years, but I started noticing that I’d go way low after bolusing for inaccurate high readings as indicated by the Compact and the Compact Plus meters. Turns out, once readings got over roughly 175 or so, and into the 200’s, the readings were substanatially inaccurate. the higher my actual bg, the more inaccurate those 2 meters would become. And I had no less than 8 of those 2 types of meters. I didn’t like the bulk, weight, or noise of those meters that used drums (motor driven)

At normal or low levels, they read correctly. I was pretty ticked that it took me so long to figure that out, as I only found out after testing them against several other brands of meters. Live and learn.


I’m using Guide meter, Connect meter and sometimes Aviva plus. Still better than One Touch, which reads 500s when my BG isnt even close.


UPDATE: Walgreens exchanged the defective FreeStyle Libre sensor with no problem at all, if Freestyle wants the defective ones exchanged through the Pharmacies that carry them instead of them taking care of it, so be it! The next sensor I put on was within 1 point of accuracy, when they work, they are great,


You can look at glimp also - free - uses smartphone


Glimp makes my Libre read very accurately. The reader reads low for me, especially when under 100 which I usually am. I have pretty much given up on the reader, but with using Glimp, I love Libre. Readings from Glimp are almost always really close to the readings from my meter, especially if I calibrate it for each sensor and that interactive graph that lets me get exact levels for any time in the past is invaluable. I also love getting readings from the sensor as soon as I activate the sensor without having to wait 12 hours and getting readings for 14 days instead of 10. I am on my fourth sensor and if I was just using the reader, I would have given up on it as my readings are usually too low from it, but with using Glimp, I am hoping to continue forever as the accuracy and graph make it invaluable to me

Next Libre Glimp Liapp
Meter Reader App App
161 163 149 129
105 67 96 58
104 95 101 82

Last 10 readings


How do you calibrate glimp - sometimes way off

hit the + and then enter the number and then the disk symbol?


So I dont have to look to far…busy day…is this for Android only? I’m on day 2 and have had great accuracy. Near perfect match to the Roche Guide meter, which I obtained from the My Sugr bundle program. Hate the meter, but they are running very very close.


Yep, that is how you calibrate it. It usually takes 3-4 readings being entered for it to be calibrated. I think it will do it with 3 readings, but it does it better for me after 4 readings. I rarely have readings from Glimp be off from my meter by more than 10 points, but it is usually just within a couple of points and often is the same. The only time it is off more has been when I have been changing rapidly as there is still lag time between the fluid Libre tests and the blood the meters test that will come into play when levels are changing rapidly.