Freestyle Libre Failures


Yes Laura, Glimp is only for Android, won’t work with iPhones. I am glad your readings are matching closely, that is great


When you have never had any trending info, well this is awesome. Thanks for the reply!!


That is how I have been calibrating it - I actually emailed the developer that his manual was confusing and they agreed -

You have having a lot better luck then me - I am down to using the reader/glimp/and liapp to get some kind of average including my own fudge factors

Here is a shareable link to my insane spreadsheet - I am coming close to taking a two pound hammer to libre - although I will add when it gets to the lows it works very well and has stopped problems - my wife uses it - I am trying to save her finger sticks


You are welcome and I agree about it being awesome. I have never had anything like this. Glimp makes it so much better too, being able to touch the graph on the screen to get my exact reading at any point in the past is invaluable to me. If you don’t have an Android phone but want to use this, check with friends and family who may have upgraded their phones and just threw their old on in a drawer, or check local online classifieds. I got my Samsung S5 on an local online classifieds website for only 100 bucks, including nice case. Not hooking it for service so it didn’t matter what carrier it was for so that made it easy to get a used one. Ebay also has good prices on them and places like Gamestop has used/refurbished ones online too. It was worth the 100 bucks to me to be able to use it. But, if you do this, check Glimps website for their list of unsupported devices as those are known to break sensors. If the phone isn’t on the supported list, it is ok, as long as it isn’t on the unsupported device list and has NFC capabilities it will most likely work just fine. Mine isn’t on the list of supported devices but it works great.


You really put a lot of work into that chart, you did a great job with it and it is great. I am glad it has helped with the lows, but It is in the low range that I find the reader to be totally useless, it does much better for me over 100. Be aware though that Libre is known for giving false LO readings, according to the info they submitted to the FDA about the LO readings in their clinical trial. People in that trial were not really low when the reader said LO…

From page 20 of the Abbotts Summary of Safety and Effectiveness submitted to the FDA

When the System displayed “LO” (21 occasions during the clinical study), none of the reference values was less than 40 mg/dL. 100% of the reference values were greater than 40 mg/dL, 95.2% were greater than 50 mg/dL, 80.9% were greater than 60 mg/dL, 42.8% were greater than 70 mg/dL and 19% were greater than 80 mg/dL (all of these values greater than 80mg/dL were between 81 and 120 mg/dL)


Thanks for the comment and the PDF - I looked at page 20

I check on my wife at various times during the night and have found when it reads under 60 it is almost spot on (checked against contour next). It has saved severe reactions a number of times

Also I know false lows can occur if in a spot that is being slept on


Thanks for all the info! Now that I have one of these, husband is finally asking me what the Dex does. Never been interested before, he has a hard time following the technology I go running after…:slight_smile:


Lol, that figures, but at least he is interested, and you are welcome :slight_smile:


From all the replys I have read, and I admit I did not read them all, of the ones I DID read…everyone hits me as though it were the DOCOTRS fault…Let me explain.

These CGMS that Endos. put on us are used FREQUENTLY!!!..I had one and the first thing out of my mouth BEFORE I would even let them attach it to my body was “is it accurate?”. The second question was “…is the unit Charged or is it a selfcontained “FRESH” unit…?” I had the Medtronics CGM connected to me for 14 days…the REP from Medtronics put it on me and not the Doctor or his Nurse, stayed on no problem. There were gaps in the data when it was removed and read of course but it Proved wht my Endo had surmised, that I had Nocturnal Hypoglycemic Unawareness, (I would go low in the middle of the night and not feel it or be awaken by it), and severe Dawn Phenomenon.

Started wearing the Medtronic CGM, (and within a week no more NHU, and DP under control), and did so up until last week, (2 years), when the transmitter stopped holding a charge for no more than 24 hours.

I am now on the Freestyle Libre and have had nothing but readings 40 or mg/dl LOWER than a figure stick…When I called Abbott, they told me that a 20% difference was, in CGM compared to figure stick readings, normal. But when they “ran the numbers”, my readings were 27%+ mg/dl BELOW my finger stick readings. They said this was normal, and accused me of “playing with the sensor…”, EXCUSE ME!!! I’ve been an experienced CGM wearer for more than 2 years and a Medical Professional for over 30 years. I think I know when there is a problem with a CGM sensor and not form me “Playing with it…” I told the CSR “Listen DUDE as he would call me “DUDE”, I’m not a child who goes around playing with things…” He didn’t like that and then started talking over me when I was trying to explain what I felt the problem may be, (that their product was dangerous, and that they should not be advertising that you can go with out Figure sticks, except in certain situations, and that you can make treatment decisions from their product), So I calmly said that “…I was going to call a friend I have who works at the FDA, (He is a doctor on the deciding board), and file a complaint with him saying that the Libre is a dangerous product and should be pulled, or at least have the claims that you can dose off it or no longer need finger sticks discontinued until such time that the can better “perfect” the product…” Well didn’t he change his tune!!! Promised me a new sensor for free, emailed me a voucher to take to my pharmacy to get the Sensor…Apologized up and down…yada, yada, yada…SORRY TOO LATE!!!

I have a brand new Freestyle Libre sitting on my Dining Room table still in the box unopened that I am going to get rid of and I’m going back to my Medtronic CGM…I’m going to purchase a new transmitter ($1400) and go back to old faithful…At least I know the TRENDS of the Medtronics CGM are reliable, where the Freestyle Libre Petrify me…

Sorry to be long winded…In a nut shell, to the OP, I would HIGHLY suggest the next Endo you see you ask if they use the, “Pro version” of any CGM and ask which one their practice uses…and if its the Freestyle Libre Pro, (because it is cheaper, and I’m a firm believer that if "you buy cheap, you get cheap)…ask if they use any other. If they don’t, then Don’t let them use it on you…ask to have another Pro CGM placed on you…I know the Medtronics one is expensive and only the reps are trained in the proper way of placing them on a patient, and the rep comes back to download the data into THEIR computer, not the doctors. They print out and burn all the data onto CD for the patient too and go over EVERYTHING. But I feel it is more accurate than the Freestyle. Since having the Medtronics CGM, my DP was under control…Now, (With the Freestyle), my endo tells me to change my Pump settings at least once a week…in accordance to the readings I am getting from the Freestyle Libre…I refuse and since being back on the Medtronics CGM my numbers have been stable and within the 20% allowance…

How do I get rid of the Freestyle I Have that’s new? Anyone know? Pharmacy won’t take it back.


I can tell you I was highly frustrated by Libre too! But it really seems to also depend who you talk to at Libre . When they work they are great, I love it, but when they don’t it is maddening. I am sort of new to the system, using for 3 months now and I have found 1 out of 3 sensors have been off enough to be unlivable with. I’ve had a couple more that steadily have been 20 points off, but if they are consistent with that 20 points I just add that to the BG reading when I dose.

But when they fluctuate, that ended up with me going into a severe low. And what good is it then if you just have to keep fingersticking testing anyway? So I just can’t live with those sensors! The first and third they sent me new ones, the second one I exchanged with the pharmacy. The pharmacy was great as I’m sure they know that if you pay for something it is supposed to work for it’s purpose it’s intended for.

Whether I stay with it will depend on being able to switch out the ones that aren’t working right. Time will tell on that one.

Plus lol, I have figured out how to get around the 12 hours downtime it “adjusts” and you have no readings. I now have 2 readers and start the one 18 hours before the first one runs out. That gets you past the first few highly inaccurate readings and there is no downtime, plus you get to compare both readers BG readings to each other from each sensor to help judge accuracy! So far I keep the new “reader/sensor” in a different area so I have to go get it and I don’t try to read the wrong one. I’m not sure what happens then!

But they certainly need to work on it more!!! I think they rushed it to get it out there before a competitor did. But they are creating some ill will with the problems and some people will never want to use them!


Sorry you are having issues, and I am only on my first week but my numbers on the Libre have been extremely close to my meter. In fact often only two digits off. No issues at all. Yes, I realize it is only the first sensor, but my HMO wont pay for a Dex or Medtronic CGM and this has been a wonderful tool for me to use. The trending arrows actually prove the patterns I have been telling my CDE about, are real and now verified.


It’s been used in Europe for I do not know how many years, so I don’t think you can say it was rushed? And my first test after twelve hours was one point off from my meter. Do know though to check anything that feels off to me, and not completely ditch the finger sticks. :wink:


What this company really needs to do is stop balking whenever someone calls in with a problem with a sensor and after getting the answers to all of their questions just send out a new sensor like other companies do for wonky sensors.

I’ve had one bad sensor and getting Freestyle to replace it was a huge headache that included several phone calls, misdirection by Freestyle representatives and finally talking to a supervisor that approved a replacement. Either they need to train their reps better or change their policy.

For the most part I think this product is great but when something does go wrong the customer service is terrible. That being said bad customer service seems to be the norm rather than the exception when it comes to diabetes companies (at least for me).

I just got a Blucon device and I’m testing it out using the Spike app so I’ll probably post a topic on it after I’ve had a chance to really figure it out.


I agree with your sentiment totally. As many problems as I had with Medtronic’s Enlite sensors they replaced about 22 of them within a year and only a few times did i receive push back from the tech support people in getting them replaced


I will be waiting for your report. Perhaps start a new thread.


Blucon. Kinda ugly and bulky.
Here’s a thread on Blucon.


this one’s better.


Is not xdrip+ a lot bettter then the Ambrosia app?


You pretty much lost me with your threat of using your friend at the FDA. I am not favorably impressed by you trying to get what so many people find to be a wonderful product off of the market or have the ability to dose off of it removed. Having the ability to dose off of it removed will probably make many insurance companies stop covering it. Your bad experience is a bummer, and I am sorry you have had such a bad experience with it, but many other people have found it to be very beneficial and accurate and many of those who have found it to read low have found ways to overcome that, like I have. When using the app Glimp for it, my readings are often dead on with my meter and when it it is not, it is very close. I find it rather appalling that you would try to take this away from all the people who find it a wonderful tool, just because of your bad experience and that you would try to use a personal contact at the FDA to do so. Trying to ruin it for other people who love it just seems down right mean spirited and considering the context you put your threat in, it seems like you are doing it only because you want revenge on the company due to the way the person on the phone treated you. I don’t care how experienced you are or that you are a medical professional, it just came across to me as mean spirited. Also, I would think someone who is a medical professional would be bright enough to know what a garbage can is for, it is for things you no longer want, like the sensor you don’t know what to do with.


My wife is on the 6th sensor

First two were fairly decent

last three were not

The product should be taken off the market until the advertised NO FINGER STICK CLAIMS ARE ALTERED

I have spent a great amount of time using a spreadsheet trying to average glimp and the reader to at least get a ballpark figure - I have given up

I have used several meters to make sure the real readings are accurate - using control solution.

The fact that it works for you is great - it does not for all

His complaint will fall on deaf ears at the FDA, but I agree with him

It still is useful for trends and seems to work well on the very low end.