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We have only had the Libre for 7days but our curve is all over the place. Can Libre users please post pics of their own curves so I can see what “acceptable” looks like. I know we should try an stay inbetween the reference lines, but come on. Even a non diabetic’s HGT goes above 6 post prandial. Which range is acceptable from your experience? At the moment we are over correcting post prandial and then ending with hypos.

I think everyone has to define for themselves what is acceptable. We all have different factors that can make it harder or easier to stay within our goal range.

If you search Flatliners, you will find many postings of dexcom and Libre trends, with comments.

There is a book and website called Sugar Surfing that explains how to leverage the information from graph and make decisions.

Rather than the graph itself, some prefer to use the metric Time in Range. There are many discussions on that too.

Hi @Margaux,

You should ask your diabetic educator / endo to choose a range with you. You need to figure out what your target A1C is and go from there.

It totally depends on your diet as well, if you are eating low GI foods then you wont see as many “hills and valleys”, but high GI foods tend to shoot your BGs up. Again, the best thing to do is speak with your Endo or diabetic educator about this.

Ever since I’ve been conscious of what I eat (whether high GI or low GI), I adjust my insulin needs accordingly, which helps keep a pretty steady BG level. It’s hard to compare your curve to others because everyone is different (activity levels, food that you eat, hormone issues [pregnancy, menstration, thyroid issues, etc.], all contribute to BG level issues).

Try not to over-correct too soon after eating, this will result in hypos. I did this a lot at the beginning. My advice is change your lifestyle a bit so that your BG has a better chance of staying within range–– more fruits, veges and whole grains, less processed food, ex. white rice, white bread, etc., sugary foods and fast food.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You can program the range you are happy with. When I first started I programmed it to be 100-180 as my target range and then adjusted it after I had been using it for a few months. I do pre bolus, that helps a lot with spikes after eating. You can tell that with pre bolus I stay within my target range and without it spikes over my target range easily. You kind of have to learn that the high numbers after eating, you’ve already taken your insulin for it? Because it’s too easy to see the high and want to take more and then hours later be too low.

I do wear a pump and adjust the settings on my pump with how many highs/lows I end up having. The trends and target ranges are really helpful with that. It lets me know the areas I need to tweak!!! Which can change month to month!

The pump also helps stop the wanting to give extra insulin when you are high after eating because it remembers what you took and will tell you that you need zero more insulin.

But everyone needs to learn what makes them happy to help control what they are doing.

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